President Trump’s recent SCOTUS nominee may boost long term business prospects in the United States.

Neil Gorsuch was nominated to the Supreme Court on Tuesday, and if successful the justice will probably ensure a better business environment in the future.

The conservative justice has a record that reflects that of the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, whose spot on the bench Gorsuch is set to replace. Gorsuch’s Scalia-esque record suggests that the nominee will side with corporations on top-level cases.

Gorsuch’s area of judicial expertise include issues pertaining to the freedom of religion and euthanasia. He has not necessary tackled large corporate cases, and this is in part due to the justice’s Denver-based appellate bench seat that did not hear many such cases.

However, Gorsuch’s track record on the aforementioned issues and his judicial philosophy suggest that the SCOTUS nominee will likely follow right in the footsteps of Scalia – exactly what grassroots conservatives hoped for in a Trump nominee.

Reigning in the power of federal regulatory agencies is a chief legal prospect for the Gorsuch. Despite his lack of tackling large cases pertaining to labor or the like, he has lead the fight against government regulatory agencies that have run amok.

As an appellate judge, Gorsuch challenged the authority of government agencies in interpreting and enforcing law that was unclear. Known as the “Chevron deference,” this legal niche may be the key to Trump’s deregulation agenda.

If a Supreme Court justice were to help drain the proverbial swamp, Gorsuch would be that justice.

One of the bureaucratic issues in Washington, D.C. is the action regulatory agencies take when directives from the law or the judicial branch are unclear. This opens up a gray legal area, enabling regulatory agencies to make the call on a plethora of policies that may negatively impact business and entrepreneurship.

According to Gorsuch, a critic of the Cheveron deference, courts should not defer their power to federal agencies but rather the agencies should be held accountable by the courts.

The official nomination of Justice Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, one of the youngest SCOTUS appointees in history, could mean a pro-business justice on the bench for decades to come.

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