Brian Lee is the guy who turns internet companies into billion dollar empires.

Plenty of people have grown physical product brands to seven or eight figures. Brian is among a rare group of entrepreneurs who know how to take a brand to $100 million and beyond, and he's done it more than once.

Brian Lee is a serial billionaire ecommerce entrepreneur, and he has co-founded three separate ecommerce companies, each with more than a billion dollars in sales.

If you sell physical products or take orders online, Brian Lee has the playbook for growing it into a billion dollar company. He’s done it three times.

Brian was the co-founder of,, and The Honest Company, where he served as the CEO until March 2017. Each became the leaders in their categories and turned established industries on their heads.

Brian Lee is uniquely qualified to speak to ecommerce entrepreneurs and physical product sellers, as he has created innovative brands that quickly became industry leaders. At ShoeDazzle, he partnered with Kim Kardashian to turn an old business model into a modernized subscription service. As a result, he acquired more than three million monthly customers.

When Jessica Alba had the idea for The Honest Company, she called Brian Lee to run the business side of the operation. There, they entered a “saturated market” and grew a company that now produces more than $300 million in annual revenues and is valued at more than $1 billion.

He does this by walking each company through a five stage startup process, which he outlines below:

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When “idea people” meet Brian, they get rich.

If you’re an idea person or a physical products seller, then you need to meet Brian, and he will be speaking at The Capitalism Conference this December. Brian joins a lineup that also features Kimbal Musk, an active board member at Tesla and SpaceX. Together, they make a powerhouse of business advisors that all entrepreneurs - especially physical product sellers - should pay attention to.

At The Capitalism Conference, Brian will reveal the playbook to building a billion dollar brand, whether you’re building a “disrupter” like LegalZoom, or you’re selling diapers, like The Honest Company. Brian has the operational experience to comment on the exact “how to” process for growing businesses that surpass nine figures in annual sales.

Whether you just took your first sale or you’re already running a million dollar business, Brian Lee will show you how close you are to building something great.

The Capitalism Conference is a three day experience that assembles the world’s wealthiest brand builders, investors, ecommerce experts, and online entrepreneurs into one room. Together, we explore what is working now and what is coming down the pipeline for business owners.

At the Capitalism Conference, you will learn from seasoned millionaires and billionaires on how to grow your business and make more money, pay fewer taxes, and invest for passive cash flow and long term wealth. You will be mentored by those on the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurship while you network and download actionable strategies to grow, hire, build, and invest.

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