Mushrooms in your coffee? That's how Tero Isokauppila starts his day. And he wants you—and everyone else—to do the same. "My idea was to get the world drinking mushrooms," he said. So he did.

Tero Isokauppila is passionate about functional mushrooms. Discover how he brought a never-before-seen (or tasted) product to the US and made it go mainstream, generating millions along the way.

Using his background in chemistry and nutrition, the entrepreneur capitalized on his passion for health and healing. Tero now owns a functional foods company, cultivating mushrooms into eight figures.

Oh, and this self-proclaimed "Fun-Guy" is a speaker at CapCon 6.

Who is Tero Isokauppila?

Tero Isokauppila was born in Finland. (Don't worry, he doesn't expect you to pronounce his name correctly!) He's a 13th-generation family farmer. And nature played a vital role in his upbringing.

From a young age, he explored the wilderness, foraging for mushrooms and berries with his mom. She taught physiology and anatomy to nurses. Tero remembers learning all about how bodies work and the benefits of medicinal plants. His father was an agronomist and knew all the ins and outs of soil and crop management. Plus, he loved mushrooms. As Tero once told an interviewer...

"Mom was Mother Nature, and Dad was science and health."

Tero followed in his family's footsteps, studying chemistry, business, and nutrition. He even won an innovation award for discovering a rare culinary mushroom. But he wasn't too interested in cooking mushrooms. Instead, he wanted to focus on the health benefits of functional fungi.

Mushrooms are a superfood. They contain loads of nutrients and support different body systems. Always passionate about helping people, Tero wanted to share his knowledge about food and health with the world. And he knew mushrooms were the best way to do just that.

In 2012, he founded Four Sigmatic, a functional foods company. Tero focused on creating mushroom-centric products to improve gut, immune, and nervous system health. Most importantly, quality was at the forefront of his vision.

Tero launched the business without any money. And investors didn't share his vision. Why did he keep going? "My dream was to get all Americans to drink mushrooms," Tero explained. And he did, selling millions of units his first year.

Aside from running an 8-figure business, Tero also finds time to write. He's the author of three highly-acclaimed books: Healing Mushrooms, Healing Adaptogens, and Santa Sold Shrooms. The Academy of Culinary Nutrition recognized him twice on its "Top 50 Food Activists" list.

The Story of Four Sigmatic

On his mission to make functional mushrooms mainstream, Tero launched Four Sigmatic in 2012. The company sought to elevate everyday foods and essentials by using the magic of mushrooms.

Why did Tero name it Four Sigmatic? Sigma describes how far away from the "average" a food ranks. Four sigmatic foods are some of the best in the world, ranking higher than staple foods and even health foods. And they are also the rarest. Only 50 superfoods qualify as four sigmatic!

Four Sigmatic began in Hong Kong and soon expanded to the Philippines. Initially, the brand focused on mushroom tea. And since Europeans love tea, it sounded like the right choice.

In 2015, Four Sigmatic relocated to the US. But Americans didn't warm up to the brand right away. Tero realized he was missing a typical wellness marketing component. "I didn't have a healing story, unfortunately," he joked.

Since he didn't have a hyperbolic anecdote, Tero decided to wow his target audience with taste and science. Unfortunately, US consumers weren't too keen on drinking mushroom tea.

To appease American tastebuds, Tero put functional mushrooms in coffee. "Instead of selling someone a new ritual, we sold them an upgrade to their current habit," he explained. Four Sigmatic launched its first mushroom-infused coffee on Amazon that same year.

Fast forward, and that initial mushroom coffee has turned into over 30 mushroom-based products. Four Sigmatic carries crash-free coffee, delicious cacao, plant-based protein, and other elevated essentials. Talk about a healthy upgrade!

You can now buy Four Sigmatic in over 65 countries. It's sold online and in-store. Even Whole Foods—considered the highest peak for many wellness companies—carries the brand. And after breaking eight figures, it's safe to say that Tero succeeded in bringing "Everyday Magic" to people worldwide.

Why You Should Listen to Tero at CapCon

Tero's story proves that breaking the mold and following your passion are ingredients for success. Not only will you learn more about the power of mushrooms, but you'll walk away understanding:

How to build a unique brand

Tero didn't follow the norm. Instead, he shook things up by adding mushrooms to coffee. And he made millions in the process! Find out how to successfully build a brand that really stands out.

How to create buzz

Mushrooms weren't a hot topic when Four Sigmatic started, so Tero couldn't rely on keywords to sell coffee. Instead, you'll learn how he generated sales with witty advertisements, shrewd sponsorships, and genuine customer testimonials. And he'll demonstrate how you can do the same!

How to monetize what you love

Tero chose to share his passion for functional mushrooms with the world, even when others called him weird or crazy. And his contagious energy helped grow his fungus empire. Learn how you can build a business by following your dreams!

How to transform a small idea into something colossal

Tero launched his brand with one product—a simple one at that. Four Sigmatic now sells over 30 mushroom-based products and is an 8-figure company. He'll explain why the size of your idea doesn't matter as you develop a brand.

How to take care of yourself

Entrepreneurs often get caught up in the hustle and forget to prioritize themselves. Tero believes you can improve mental and physical health by putting yourself first. Discover how to avoid burnout, prevent overwhelm, and stay motivated to keep moving forward!


Who owns Four Sigmatic?

Tero Isokauppila is the Founder and CEO of Four Sigmatic. He started the company in 2012 to create nutrient-dense, functional foods and share the benefits of mushrooms with everyone. In 2015, Four Sigmatic relocated to the US and launched its first product on Amazon: mushroom-infused coffee.

Where is Four Sigmatic manufactured?

Four Sigmatic sources its mushrooms from China to ensure customers receive the highest quality and safest products. Why China? China is a global leader in mushroom cultivation. The country has grown and used functional mushrooms longer than any region on the planet!

Production takes place in the US. And before reaching you, every batch must pass superior quality control standards.

Are Four Sigmatic products safe?

Absolutely! Four Sigmatic takes safety seriously. Detailed quality control includes:

  • Sourcing from trusted partners
  • Safe and proven in-house recipes
  • Potency testing
  • Allergen testing
  • Obtaining certifications from suppliers, manufacturers, and third-party labs

Is Four Sigmatic tested for mold?

Yes! After production, Four Sigmatic sends every batch to a third-party laboratory for safety testing. The lab ensures all products meet strict requirements concerning mold, bacteria, heavy metals, yeasts, mycotoxins, or pesticides.


Tero Isokauppila is the entrepreneur we all aspire to become. He identified his passion and went after it full speed ahead. Nothing could stop him—not even an empty bank account and a complete lack of investors. His industry expertise, sheer determination, and unyielding drive propelled this business owner to eight figures.

And now you have the opportunity to learn from Tero's magical story. You'll get to hear his words of wisdom in-person at CapCon 6. Buy your tickets before they sell out!