There’s an old adage that when things are going well at work, your personal life is probably suffering.

The time, energy and commitment you put into your business may be generating results. But could it be costing you your health?

Many highly successful entrepreneurs like Tim Ferriss, Ryan Moran and Stefan James have turned to biohacking for superhuman performance.

These three entrepreneurs use superfood supplement Athletic Greens to stay healthy and have more energy to make bold business moves.

Chris Ashenden, an entrepreneur, biohacker and the founder of Athletic Greens, created a solution to balance lifestyle with work.

From Super Sick to Superhuman

When Chris’s health took a turn, he realized he needed a product that would keep him well and feeling superhuman to operate as a successful entrepreneur.

It was 2008 when Chris ended up at a clinic in Phoenix, Arizona. Doctors tested every element of his blood, stool and urine for clues as to why his health was failing.

They asked him if he ate vegetables. Of course, he said. They asked if he ate meat. Absolutely, he said (Chris’s idea of a meal is pretty much half a cow).

So how could his body be dangerously low in selenium—an element in vegetables and legumes that supports immune system health—and the nine essential amino acids found in meat?

“What was happening was my gastrointestinal tract was so inflamed and so messed up that my body was largely incapable of absorbing the nutrients I was eating,” Chris said. “It allowed a couple of travel viruses to absolutely kick my ass, and just put me in this chronic, inflamed, sick, beaten up state.”

Chris was immediately put on intravenous therapy and stayed at the clinic for three months. He was popping $100 worth of supplements per day. “I definitely felt a little bit better, but all I was doing was having very expensive fluorescent urine,” he said.

Being in that clinic made Chris think really hard about his health and fitness routine. He began reading about nutrition and adopted a modified Paleo diet. But it wasn’t enough.

Chris knew he needed a way to feel superhuman again. When he earnestly sought a natural, healthy, nonsynthetic way, he discover there was nothing on the market that satisfied his standards. So he made one himself—Athletic Greens.

More Powerful Than Powdered Vegetables

Superfoods and greens products weren’t anything new or cutting edge. But many greens products out there are junk.

To maintain his fast-paced life, Chris wanted a choice that made him feel superhuman and served him long term—a valuable investment with guaranteed returns.

So he started by mixing together four or five different products that were already on the market. His intention was to get expert advice and then keep going until he found a powerful combination that made him feel superhuman again, and he did.

Chris developed a formula that enhanced what he was doing right in his diet, and filled in the gaps. It helped him feel less sluggish, be better prepared to stave off illness, and keep his body in an optimal state.

It was about this time that his former business got wiped out by the financial crisis. Instead of succumbing to the failure, Chris found an opportunity to start fresh with a new product that he believed in. So he went all in.

“When we kicked this off, I think I made a mistake by calling Athletic Greens a greens product, because we have so much more to offer than a greens product,” Chris said. “We have been pigeonholed against the other products that are just really powdered vegetables.”

What sets Athletic Greens apart is how it keeps high achievers performing at their optimal level now, and making them feel superhuman for the long term. To do that, Chris packed in 11 supplements with the antioxidant equivalent of 12 servings of vegetables in a single scoop of his superfood formula.

That makes Athletic Greens one of the most nutrient dense whole food supplements on the market.

“When we finally got this product out, it took a lot of investment to make it taste as good as it does,” Chris explained. “And really track down the right suppliers for each of the key ingredients to make something that I felt that this is something that I want to take every day.”

Since then, Athletic Greens has become the high-quality superfood that entrepreneurs and athletes around the globe use to stay healthy and energized.

Powering High-Achieving Entrepreneurs to Live Healthier Lives

Chris has been able to get his product in the hands of high-achieving entrepreneurs, thanks in large part to the entrepreneurial guru and human science experiment Tim Ferriss.

As soon as Chris felt the need to change the name of the product, he emailed Tim—an early adopter of Athletic Greens back in 2010—for recommendations. Tim quickly replied that Athletic Greens needed to stay. He’d included in his new book, “The 4-Hour Body,” and had already sent it off to print.

Tim calls Athletic Greens his “all-in-one greens insurance policy” and continues to promote the superfood on his website.

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Today, empire-building entrepreneurs around the globe continue to discover the benefits of Athletic Greens in their everyday lives.

Stefan James, host of The Project Life Mastery and a millionaire entrepreneur, uses Athletic Greens as part of his morning ritual.

“When I take this product, it gives me so much energy,” Stefan said. “I take it first thing in the morning. ...When you consume it, you feel this buzz. You feel really good.”

Ryan Daniel Moran, a highly successful entrepreneur who has built and sold multiple million-dollar brands, keeps his health in check with a scoop of Athletic Greens.

Ryan has five habits that he practices on a daily basis called his TRIBE 5. The “B” in TRIBE stands for Body, and part of his practice there is to go to the gym and get his greens. “When I don’t have time for a big salad or making a smoothie, I supplement with Athletic Greens.”

“I like to wake up in the morning, put my greens in a water bottle, add in some creatine — sometimes I add in a fat burner if I’m on a cut—shake it up and that is sometimes my morning pick-me-up,” Ryan said.

How to Become a Superhuman Entrepreneur

Ryan, Stefan and Tim have something in common with Chris: a deep desire to structure their lives to live healthier and operate at a superhuman level.

Maintaining that level of energy is what allows them to create and give back at their highest levels.

“I’ve always valued my health more than anything,” Stefan said. “In fact, I’ve always believed that money is easily made. But your health, you lose that and that’s it. There are people who are billionaires who are sick and would give all the money in the world to get their health back. And so I’ve always believed that if you’re going to invest money, you’re going to invest in yourself, your health, your energy, your body, because your health is more important than anything.”