Tom Breeze is one of the best-known YouTube ad experts in the world. Explore his unconventional rise to the top, achievements, and advice for creating successful YouTube ads.

When e-commerce brands want big ROIs from YouTube ad campaigns, they turn to Tom Breeze. A self-taught video marketing expert, Tom is the founder and CEO of Viewability. In the past year alone, his company oversaw $22.2 million in ad spend. Clients turn to him for impressive results and high conversion rates. And his "accidental" climb to the top is a fascinating story.

It All Started with a Mountain of Debt and One Video

Advertising and YouTube weren't on Tom's mind while studying at university. He earned a master's in psychology. But after leaving school, he only had a mountain of debt and bills to pay. Needing to make loads of money fast, he decided to help people overcome anxiety.

Tom felt he could use his degree to teach public speaking and presentation skills. He marketed himself as best he could, but his career hit a dead end. He quit.

And then another opportunity arose. Google sent Tom a voucher to spend on its search engine platform. Still in the early years of SEO, Tom learned he could bid on keywords and run a simple funnel to his website. He ran a simple text ad, and to his surprise, it worked. On the first day, Tom received two phone inquiries and closed a client.

It seemed too good to be true. However, repeating the process delivered identical results. Tom was hooked.

Ready to scale his new advertising services, Tom launched a few workshops. He promoted them with a barebones video, and his conversion rate jumped from 7 percent to 22 percent overnight. "Something must have gone wrong with my ad spend!" he said in an interview for Wicked Reports. But it wasn't a mistake—it was the video.

Tom continued focusing on basic SEO for his clients. However, the marketing game kept changing. One of his clients saw a massive drop in traffic and fell off the front page of Google. Embarrassed, Tom decided to give YouTube ads a try. He never looked back.

In 2011, Tom founded Viewability. It grew to become a world-renowned YouTube ad agency.

Finding Success as a YouTube Ad Expert

Tom Breeze accidentally fell into advertising, but he wasn't a one-hit-wonder. He developed proven processes to boost his clients' ad spend. Here are some of his impressive achievements:

Early on, Tom oversaw 100K per day in ad spend.

Viewability clients quickly saw the power of YouTube. An effective ad can generate more traffic than the more traditional platforms. It's not uncommon for businesses to spend $10-$15K a day.

Tom Breeze wrote a book.

In 2018, Tom published his first book, Viewability: Harness the Power of YouTube Ads and Be There for Your Customer – When It Really Counts. The book highlights how to use YouTube to create campaigns, script videos, and build sales funnels.

Tom scaled his ad agency to record levels when other companies were struggling.

In 2020, businesses across the world struggled to stay afloat. The global pandemic affected every industry. But that was also the year Tom's agency hit £5 million in ad spend. "We had a record year. It was amazing," he recalled.

Tom launched a second company thanks to the success of Viewability.

Ad Buyers Club—Tom's second venture—trains companies how to build an in-house team to scale their ad spend. He provides bespoke advice, elite experts, peer-to-peer support, and access to his exclusive contact network.

In the last 12 months, Tom oversaw $22.2 million in ad spend.

And he plans to do even more in the upcoming year. With over a decade of YouTube ad experience, he's helped hundreds of clients grow their businesses beyond their wildest dreams. As he says about YouTube, "It's a great platform to scale on."

The Four A's Behind Every Amazing YouTube Campaign, According to Tom

The best YouTube ad campaigns deliver increased traffic, high conversion rates, and huge ROIs. And those results don't come from luck. Tom always follows these four A's:

#1: Ads

Tom believes the ad itself is the most crucial part of the process. "The best ads open up everything." You need a solid video to entice viewers to take the next step. Great ads wake up deeply-rooted desires in the subconscious brain, agree with the conscious brain, and build an intense tension to act.

#2: Audience

Tom admits targeting an audience on YouTube can initially feel a bit daunting. He halfway jokes, "YouTube and Facebook aren't the same beasts." Determine whether your audience is interest-based or search-based. Once you narrow down your audience type, you can target them directly.

#3: Acquisition

This step consists of the offers and funnels you use to drive traffic. According to Tom, you must decide whether your campaign is ROI-focused or growth mindset-focused before settling on a firm plan.

#4: Account

YouTube updates its advertising algorithms regularly. Tom reiterates the importance of working with algorithms to determine ad spend and the next steps to take. As he says, "It's a growth process through it all."

The Future of YouTube Channel Growth Is a Breeze

For the past eight years, Tom Breeze has focused solely on scaling brands with YouTube ads. Viewability serves countless satisfied clients, from HelloFresh to Dr. Axe to's own Ryan Danial Moran. And for most of that time, Tom primarily helped e-commerce brands find and sell to their target audience using his proven methods.

But after years of research, implementation, and plenty of trial and error, Tom finally unlocked the key to another advertising niche: YouTube channel growth and awareness.

Previously, content creators relied on social media, word-of-mouth, and people clicking the "like" button to increase brand awareness. Many didn't even realize they could build and grow their channels with paid ads. And Tom believes stepping away from organic growth is the next chapter for YouTube ad spend.

"We're in a place where we can pay YouTube—with money—to help grow channels in the right way. It's really exciting," Tom exclaimed on Rick Mulready's podcast.

It's no wonder Tom Breeze is the go-to YouTube advertising guru. His clever tactics and research-based formula boost advertising ROI for countless e-commerce brands. And he plans to continue what he loves to help business owners and content creators reach their full potential on YouTube.

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