There is more than one way to serve a nation and Tom Davin has explored a few. The US Marine turned businessman has played his part in his nation’s security and now co-owns a coffee enterprise that serves premium coffee to customers and employment to veterans. He is also a fitness enthusiast, advocating for wellness and healthy lifestyles. 

Tom is speaking at the upcoming Capitalism Conference in Austin, TX.

Let’s talk about his reach and the impact he’s making.

Who Is Tom Davin?

Thomas “Tom” Davin is an American Marine, businessman, and wellness advocate. He graduated from Dukes University with a degree in Management Science. Afterward, Tom served as a company commander in the 1st Recon Battalion and 3rd Recon Battalion. He also served as an infantry tactics instructor at the United States Marine Corps (USMC) officer course from 1979 to 1985. He obtained a Master of Business Administration from Harvard University, a certification he used profoundly in his business dealings. 

Some of Tom’s business endeavors:

  • Director of Merger and Acquisitions at the beverage enterprise PepsiCo in 1991, where he facilitated a merger with PepsiCo and Starbucks over bottled Frappuccino production and distribution
  • Zonal Vice President of Taco Bell in 1993
  • Chief Operating Officer at Taco Bell in 1997
  • Operating Partner at Brentwood Associates in 2001, a venture capital and private equity principals firm
  • A member of the Board of Directors for:
  • Chief Executive Officer for:
  • Chairman of  Beyond Clothing in 2011, a retail establishment for survival clothing

Tom Davin currently heads a coffee service supply chain with Evan Hafer, a former Green Beret in Salt Lake City, Utah. The establishment sought to provide jobs for 10,000 retired army soldiers and presently provides coffee straight to customers based on subscription plans and retail outlets. 

The vet’s dependability, intelligence, knowledge, and diligence earned him leadership positions in branded corporations. He is also a family man, spending quality time with his household when he is not busy with fitness or business.

How Did Tom Make His Money?

Tom Davin is a multifaceted businessman and investor. His income comes from his positions in a host of companies comprising: 

These, coupled with his zeal for healthiness and well-being, have also brought him a platform for promotion and joint ventures for the companies he represents. Such dealings have increased his earnings and these establishments’ revenue at large.

Why You Don’t Want To Miss Tom At CapCon

Tom Davin is a true American entrepreneur, and his story is one of grit, determination, and a whole lotta caffeine. As the founder and CEO of Black Rifle Coffee, Davin has turned a small start-up into a coffee empire, all while staying true to his roots as a former Special Forces operator.

When he started the company in 2014, his goal was simple: to provide high-quality coffee to the military community. But as the company has grown, so too has its reach. Today, Black Rifle Coffee is a household name among entrepreneurs and coffee enthusiasts alike.

But Davin isn't just a coffee kingpin, he's also a leader. His ability to grow a business successfully and his leadership skills are something that entrepreneurs should definitely take note of. And he's not just all business, Davin is also an advocate for veterans and uses his platform to support veterans' causes.

So, whether you're looking for a strong cup of joe or inspiration for your next business venture, Tom Davin and Black Rifle Coffee have got you covered.

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You'll have the opportunity to hear about his leadership skills and learn how he grew a business successfully. Plus, you'll have a chance to meet him in person and hear more about his journey and how he supports veterans' causes. 

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