There are many entrepreneurs who start out with a bang but they can’t maintain the pace they set for themselves. They have huge success but it levels off and they move into a season of a very long plateau. Have you ever wondered why the plateau lasts so long? What is it that keeps us there? In this address from the Freedom Fast Lane LIVE 2015 event, Travis Sago shares how he has been able to accelerate his business unbelievably and get back up quickly when he gets knocked down - and generate even more revenue. The answer is not a business issue, it’s a mindset issue and Travis is going to tell you all about it on this episode.

How to get your mojo back after a setback.

How many times have you had a setback of some sort and found yourself in a mild (or serious) depression as a result? You have no motivation. You have no energy to do the work needed to start the upward climb again. You begin to ask yourself stupid questions, like “Is this even worth it?” Why do we get stuck in that doldrums place for so long? Travis Sago believes it’s because we’ve attached our personal value to the success of our business. When you do that it’s nearly impossible to rebound because the circumstance has proven to you that you’re a failure (or so it seems). Listen as Travis lays out the way to get your mind convinced that you are “10” in terms of value no matter what happens in your business.

Can you honestly say that you are at “10” when it comes to personal value?

Nobody is perfect and nobody is a raging success all the time. But those things have nothing to do with your personal value as a human being. You are you - and are as valuable as you can be regardless of what you do. Can you get your mind around that? Can you believe it? You need to because it’s true. It’s the reality for every human being. But we live in a culture that has convinced us that value is tied to performance when the truth is, it has never been. Travis Sago has discovered that a change at this point - in your mindset - can change everything for you moving forward. Listen to this episode to find out how it’s changed him and many people he’s advised.

You need to keep growing because it is nature’s way.

Many times when we look at ourselves we have a hard time believing that our value is at a “10” simply because we see our own flaws. We are impatient. We are sometimes pushy or unkind. We don’t do things the way we’d like to do them. All that means is that you need to keep growing, not that you have less value than other people. Growth is the way of nature, it’s the state you’re supposed to be in all the time. When you limit yourself by listening to lies about your value, you stop growing. And that’s why you get stuck or plateau. Travis Sago has some great stories to tell on this episode to help you get unstuck and moving again.

Your next level of success could be waiting at Freedom Fast Lane LIVE 2016

This episode is just one of the great talks from last year’s Freedom Fast Lane LIVE event. Gary Vaynerchuk, Pat Flynn, and many others were also on the lineup alongside Travis Sago. This year’s event promises to be even bigger and better, and it’s happening the second week of December in Austin, TX. If you need to be around successful, eager, hungry entrepreneurs who can help you think through your roadblocks and get your head on straight so that you can move your life and business to the next level, you’ve got to come. Listen to this episode to find out how you can get in on the good stuff this year.

Outline of This Great Episode

  • [0:04] Ryan’s introduction to Travis Sago, a guy who is unbelievably able to simplify goals.
  • [4:19] Why Ryan trusts Travis’ help and wisdom more than anyone.
  • [12:56] Starting the process toward a monumental increase in success.
  • [16:44] One shift to get up and back to your success faster after a setback.
  • [23:32] What happens when you believe that your value is always a “10.”
  • [25:25] The energy drain it is when you combine your role and your value.
  • [37:57] You need to keep growing because it is nature’s way.
  • [46:06] Imagine yourself as a sand castle…
  • [50:09] The impact these events have on those who attend - and how you can get involved in 2016.

Action Steps for This Episode

FOR GREATER SUCCESS:.Don’t rest in your success. You need to keep growing because it’s the way of nature.

FOR GETTING STARTED:. Determine that your value is a “10” regardless of any performance or success.

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