It's on us, not the politicians.

It is a sad truth that nowadays, when we’re voting to elect people in office, our vote doesn’t really mean much and this can make us feel somewhat disenfranchised.

The good news is that the marketplace provides a greater opportunity to vote and change the world. In the marketplace we vote with our dollars and our votes actually matter.

Conscious capitalism allows us the opportunity to purchase goods and support companies that do business in a way that reflects our values.

Take Whole Foods founder John Mackey, for example. As a vegan and supporter of animals and the environment, he sells products that reflect his values. Even though his business is better off selling meat than not, the type of products available are typically a better option – they’re organic, free-range, made without antibiotics, etc.

You see, people like John and I are willing to pay a little extra to buy free-range chicken eggs from Whole Foods because they way they do business aligns with our own personal values.

There are so many examples on how you can do this. For example; if you are a supporter for clean energy, you can buy an electric car or a smaller house that uses less A/C.

The point here is to pay attention on what you vote for with your dollars, because unlike the political world which is slow to react and can barely make an impact, the marketplace will actually react to your "dollar vote" in a timely manner.

Think about the effect of conscious capitalism next time you go shopping. Figure out if you want to support companies that have sweat shops, or companies that sell organic products—the type of business you could ethically support. That’s the way to move the world forward.

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