“We are all in this together” is a phrase commonly used by politicians like Bernie Sanders. It’s a phrase that resonates with all types of people, not just Bernie supporters, and there's a reason for that.

When you make a purchase or make any decision, it affects society as a whole. Business owners not only produce a product but hire people and serve a consumer at the same time.

There’s this current notion that to better our society we need to get the government involved.
If we want people to have better healthcare, to be better off financially and have access to the things they need, we need to have a reality check - the worst and slowest way to make sure all of these things happen is by waiting for government to do something about it.

That’s right, government is not the answer. The better solution is in the mirror: it’s up to you to make those changes.

To be clear we’re not going to change the world by voting or posting about it on Facebook, real change comes from taking responsibility for the things we want.

How are you going to help people you ask? - By maximizing your own earning potential. Because when you do that, you affect everyone else positively.

When you become the best person you can be, the most successful you can be; you have the opportunity to hire people, to put your money where it matters most to you, and you become an example for others.

The best way to help a depressed or a poor person is not by matching their circumstances, but by being the exact opposite.

Taxing someone else and taking from other people is not how you help the poor; it’s by being the example of what it’s like to provide in an economy and create goods or services, by maximizing your own earning potential.

When we wait for government to do something about education, about healthcare and about the economy, we have resulted to the slowest and least effective method of doing so.

Remember, it’s up to you.