Why you should embrace free market economics to benefit yourself and our collective community?

Capitalism lifted more people out of poverty, it’s cured more illness and disease, and it's given more people more hope than any other system before.

Like any other system, capitalism has its flaws because we are human beings and not one of us are perfect. However, the idea behind capitalism is that all of us, the seven-billion-plus people on the planet, all have resources. We all have energy, we all have time, we all have ideas and knowledge and we go out into the world and share those resources.

We share capital with another human being that has capital resources like time, energy, money, and ideas. Through the voluntary exchange of that capital both of us are lifted up.

But capitalism is under attack. It's not under attack by those who believe in the power of the human spirit, it's under attack by those who want to crush it. it's an attack on the value and the general decency that you and I possess as individuals and we're here to take that back.

We want to take control and we want to place responsibility on the shoulders of those who are responsible for success, i.e., each one of us individually.

When we are free to choose: free to choose how we spend our time, how we spend our money, where we live, how we live, all of us will be lifted up!

In the end we are all left with more success, more happiness, more fulfillment and that's what capitalism is all about.