Government's plan to provide affordable education has actually made it more expensive and less valuable.

We all know someone who is drowning in student debt.

If you are one of those people with thousands and thousands of dollars in debt who can’t find a job, or a good one for that matter, you are probably wondering if it was even worth it.

So what can we do to make sure future generations don’t have this same burden and lack of opportunity? The first step is understanding the problem.

At the same time the cost of education has skyrocketed, the actual quality of such education has plummeted. How did college get so expensive yet less valuable, you wonder? It all started when the federal government got into the business of student loans. This change meant you can NEVER bankrupt student debt. There are people with no jobs, no opportunities that are still paying off the student loans that have been worthless to them for decades.

Student debt never goes away because the government wanted to make it more accessible. What this has done is created a guaranteed buyer, which means schools can now charge whatever they want because the government is making sure anyone who wants to take a loan for it can do so. Tuition costs keep rising and rising, all because schools have literally no incentive to be competitive in the marketplace since the government is going to pay for it anyway.

Schools are no longer really about education, they have become an extremely profitable business. Making loans easier introduced a flood of people paying inflated prices, driving up the profits of those institutions. Institutions see this increase in profits and get even hungrier. To satisfy that hunger they keep building bigger buildings, and to fill them up they fund more lobbying to get more funding, more incentives, creating a perpetual cycle of increased costs and increased government involvement.

The more people flooding the gates of college institutions, the more often they have to water down the curriculum and stop specializing. This means the quality must go down even further.

So when the government thought it was a good idea to make it more affordable for you go to college, they actually made it more expensive and drove down the quality of the education you received.

The best thing to ensure people have the greatest access possible to quality education is to get the government out.