Kristin Tate, the author of "Government Gone Wild" and a regular analyst for FOX, has joined the team as host of the weekly "Be The Change" podcast. Watch for new videos from Kristin each week as she defends the free market, and supports entrepreneurship and self-reliance.

Kristin has spent a good part of her career reaching out to people, particularly young people, trying to show them how less government typically yields more freedom. Her mission could not be better aligned with our mission here at

In this video, Kristin talks about the many misconceptions out there about capitalism. A recent Harvard poll shows that a majority of young people actually have a negative view of capitalism. We suspect this is primarily because a lot of young people don't really know what capitalism is. Because of this, our duty is to really be making a big effort to reach out to young people, and all people, and show them why free enterprise doesn't just work for the greedy.

The free market doesn't just work for the most successful people; it works for Americans of all walks of life.

Kristin is the host of the podcast Be the Change. Each week she hosts a new episode in which she interviews entrepreneurs, pundits, members of the media and even politicians.
Her focus is on exploring the idea of individualism versus big government, and showing how the individual always trumps big government. Capitalism means more prosperity and makes more innovation, and government is NOT the answer.

Be sure to check out follow her podcast and watch her videos on where she dives into different subjects, all relating to entrepreneurship, capitalism and the free market.