Vince McMahon is the Chairman and CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, the largest wrestling company in the world. He is also a billionaire and is one of the most famous businessmen in America. His company broadcasts wrestling performances in roughly 150 countries. In addition to being the Chairman and CEO of this company, McMahon has participated in many of the wrestling events over the years.

He is beloved by millions of wrestling fans around the world for his contribution to the sport and he is a great symbol of the potential of American capitalism.

Net Worth, Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon’s net worth is $3.2 billion.

His net worth comes primarily from the WWE. However, McMahon is also the founder of the company Alpha Entertainment. That's the holding company for the American Football League, the XFL. A part of his income also comes from this company.

McMahon’s ample net worth has earned him a place on the Forbes 400 list of the wealthiest individuals in America. He was ranked number 239 on this list in 2008.

How much does Vince McMahon make from the WWE?

In 2018, Vince McMahon made $5.6 million from the WWE in the form of salary, non-equity incentive plan compensation, and stock awards. This compensation does not include the bonuses and stock options given to Vince McMahon.

However, for Vince McMahon, net worth is on the rise due to his large ownership share of the WWE. He owns 32 million shares of WWE. These shares are currently valued at $83. So, every time the price of WWE stock rises one dollar, Vince McMahon makes #32 million. Vince McMahon’s large ownership percentage of the WWE allows his net worth to grow substantially while the stock rises.

What about McMahon's earnings from the XFL?

vince mcmahon xfl football reborn

It is not clear how much money Vince McMahon has made from the XFL. The XFL has had its fair share of problems in the past, losing money for many of its original investors, including McMahon himself. It's only season was in 2001.  However, McMahon is pouring money into the XFL to launch a better XFL league in the year 2020.

McMahon even cashed on $100 million worth of WWE stock in order to fund the new XFL. Most of the money that will go towards the XFL will pay for things like player salaries, coach salaries, insurance policies, etc. It is not exactly cheap to fund a professional football league. However, McMahon seems extremely dedicated to it and he is going to push really hard to make this league a major success.

Vince McMahon’s Net Worth Over Time

Vince McMahon certainly did not start out wealthy. In fact, he lived in a trailer park for part of his youth. However, as soon as he got out of school, he began to work for his father as a wrestling promoter and as an announcer. He was absolutely crucial in the growth of the company and eventually bought it from his father and changed the name to WWF (World Wrestling Federation). It was subsequently changed to WWE.

Vince McMahon is a truly self-made man. When he got out of school, his net worth was essentially zero, and he brought it all the way to $3.2 billion in just a few decades by pursuing his passion of wrestling.

How much did Vince McMahon make last year?

It is estimated that between Vince McMahon and his wife, they make more than $100 million per year currently. McMahon’s wife, Linda also is a significant shareholder of WWE stock. Vince and Linda manage their money intelligently and have diversified their investments amongst a range of different assets.

They make money on everything from dividends to personal loans to family members. Vince and Linda are both extremely financially savvy and know how to grow wealth. They are one of the most powerful couples in America.

How much does Vince McMahon make per minute?

It is not clear exactly how much money Vince McMahon makes every single minute. However, considering the fact that he is 73 years old and that he has a net worth of $3.2 billion, he has made an average of $80 per minute for his entire life. That translates to an average $4,800 per hour, every single hour of his life so far.

However, given Mr. McMahon’s outrageous success so far in his life and the immense popularity of the WWE, it is definitely possible that this number could rise significantly in the future. This is especially true if the XFL starts to take off when it relaunches in 2020.

McMahon's Personal Life:

Vince Mcmahon

Vince's Education

Vince McMahon attended the Fishburne Military School in Waynesboro North Carolina. This school is a private, military boarding school for boys. It is one of the oldest military boarding schools in the United States and was founded in the year 1879.

Vince's Age

Vince McMahon is currently 73 years old. However, despite the fact that he is old enough to retire, he is not showing any signs of slowing down or retiring. In fact, he is just as active as ever. However, he might not perform in wrestling matches as much as he once used to. It is unclear at what age Mr. McMahon will finally retire.

Vince McMahon’s Family

Vince McMahon has a wife named Linda, two children, and six grandchildren. His children are Stephanie McMahon and Shane Brandon McMahon. Linda, Stephanie, and Shane all have prominent roles in the WWE organization and they are all a major part of the family business. Stephanie McMahon is also married to the famous WWE wrestler and executive, Triple H.  The McMahon family are very close and unlike many families actually seem to work well together. 

McMahon Family Net Worth

Because Vince McMahon’s family members have prominent roles in the WWE, and because his wife and two children are part owners, the McMahon family is worth an astronomical amount of money. It is not clear exactly how much money the McMahon family is worth, but the number is definitely in the billions.  Vince actually initially purchased his wrestling company from his father, before growing it to its impressive size today.

Stephanie McMahon, Chief Brand Officer

Most people know Stephanie McMahon for the role she plays on Monday Night Raw, as the on-screen wife to WWE Superstar Triple H and the daughter of billionaire and WWE-owner, Mr. McMahon. But you might not know that Stephanie has been a part of WWE’s business her entire life and has brought a unique perspective on it.

Most importantly, Stephanie McMahon has been a driving force behind shifting how women were represented and helped advocate to give WWE’s female performers an equal share of the spotlight in and out of the ring.  

She has accomplished this all while also being a wife and a mother of three.  Stephanie has three daughters, Aurora, Murphy, and Vaughn. Shane has three children, with his wife, Marissa. Shane’s three children are named Declan, Kenyon, and Rogan. 

In recent years, WWE has been at the forefront of the changing media landscape, launching the first-ever live direct-to-consumer streaming service, WWE Network, and becoming the second most viewed YouTube channel in the world. As a result, its business has seen unprecedented success. In fact, the stock price is up more than 400% since the beginning of 2017.

Stephanie has been a part of this all, and she shared her perspective from the stage at the recent 2019 Capitalism Conference. There, she gave an interview to's own Ryan Moran, embedded publicly for the first time below:

Vince McMahon’s House

As a billionaire, Vince McMahon has a number of outrageous properties which make even very wealthy people envious. However, his primary residence is in Greenwich, Connecticut, which is close to New York City.

This sprawling property sits on ten acres of prime Greenwich land. The house has three stories, a pool, guest bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and plenty of space for all Vince’s friends and family. Vince’s house is also close to his daughter Stephanie’s house. So, he can see his daughter and his grandchildren regularly.

Vince McMahon: A Great Leader

Vincent McMahon knows how to be a truly great leader and businessman. His company employs 800 people, who all depend on him to guide the company in the right direction. So far, McMahon’s leadership has helped many people to become wealthy and famous. That is why is he beloved by his employees and by his fans alike.

McMahon has a very hands-on approach to leadership and he is frequently involved with the actual performances of the wrestling show. Some of his performances are very famous, including the one in which his head was shaved on live television by the current president of the United States, Donald Trump.


Very few people in American history have had rags to riches stories quite like Vince McMahon. The fact that he started out in a trailer park and ended up on the Forbes 400 list is absolutely astonishing. Over the years, his wrestling company has only become more and more successful. It reached a new level of success when he took it public in the year 1999.

Now that Vince McMahon is a billionaire, his peers are people such as Donald Trump, Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Warren Buffet. McMahon will most likely never quite catch up to Gates, Bezos, and Buffet on the Forbes list. However, he could definitely improve his current position as the 239th wealthiest person in America.

If McMahon’s son or daughter eventually takes over the WWE, then it is quite possible that they could appear on this list as well. Stephanie McMahon is a fan favorite wrestler and is currently the Chief Brand Officer of the WWE. It is possible that she could one day inherit Vince’s shares and role as CEO of the company.

The McMahons have been growing their wrestling company for generations now. It is very likely that the company will be passed down to Stephanie and her brother, Shane. Who knows, perhaps they could even make significant improvements to the business just as Vince did when he took it over from his father. Stephanie and Shane could also one day end up running the XFL if it proves to be a success under Vince.

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