IT’S OFFICIAL: WWE Chief Brand Officer, Stephanie McMahon, will be speaking at The Capitalism Conference this January in Dallas, Texas.

You have loved her, loved-to-hate her, and this January, you will meet her at CapCon 2019.

Most people know Stephanie McMahon for the role she plays on Monday Night Raw, as the on-screen wife to WWE Superstar Triple H and the daughter of billionaire and WWE-owner, Mr. McMahon. But you might not know that Stephanie has been a part of WWE’s business her entire life and has a unique perspective that will benefit every entrepreneur and investor who attends The Capitalism Conference.

In recent years, WWE has been at the forefront of the changing media landscape, launching the first-ever live direct-to-consumer streaming service, WWE Network, and becoming the second most viewed YouTube channel in the world. As a result, its business has seen unprecedented success. In fact, the stock price is up more than 400% since the beginning of 2017. Stephanie has been a part of this all, and she will share her perspective from stage at the Capitalism Conference this January.

Most importantly, Stephanie McMahon has been a driving force behind shifting how women were represented and helped advocate to give WWE’s female performers an equal share of the spotlight in and out of the ring.  

She has accomplished this all while also being a wife and a mother of three.

Stephanie will be keynoting day one of the Capitalism Conference, which also features Michael Dubin from Dollar Shave Club, AJ Vaynerchuk, investor David Osborn, advisor Alex Charfen, and others. Together, entrepreneurs will experience a business and mindset shift that is incomparable to any other business conference.

Stephanie McMahon will be speaking alongside other investors, entrepreneurs, and founders this January  in Dallas, TX. Tickets go on sale September 17th, and 600 are available.