IT’S OFFICIAL: AJ Vaynerchuk, the co-founder of VaynerMedia and VaynerSports, will be speaking at The Capitalism Conference this January in Dallas, TX.

AJ co-founded VaynerMedia alongside his brother, Gary Vaynerchuk, in 2008 and served as its COO until 2016. During that time, AJ oversaw the operations of the company as it grew from just one client to over $100m per year in recurring revenue. The company also grew from two people to over 600 people in just eight years.

After helping to build one of the most recognized agencies in the world, AJ departed VaynerMedia in 2016 to co-founder VaynerSports, where he works with athletes to negotiate contracts and oversee their off-the-field marketing. AJ also is a partner inside of the VaynerRSE fund, which invests in emerging companies.

Since 2008, AJ has helped to grow companies past $100m, funded new companies, and co-founded VaynerSports. He has done all of this as an operator, and he protected and grew the empire as it scaled incredibly quickly.

AJ keeps a lower profile than his now-famous brother, and his presence at The Capitalism Conference is a very rare public appearance.

This January, AJ will share how he built the operations of the Vayner empire from nothing to what it is today.

Every member of the audience will benefit from learning how AJ and his brother scaled each piece of the empire so rapidly. Most importantly, AJ will sharing how the operations of the empire was built, so that the same strategies can be applied to your business.

AJ joins a lineup that includes well-known investors, entrepreneurs, and founders from across the globe. At The Capitalism Conference this January, they will collectively share what is working right now, where the puck is heading, and how entrepreneurs can succeed, scale, and emerge.

Tickets for The Capitalism Conference go on sale September 17th, and 600 will be made publicly available. Claim your spot on the early bird notification list here.