It's official: the founder and CEO of ONNIT, Aubrey Marcus, will be speaking at the Brand Builder in Austin, TX this August 24-25th. The Brand Builder Summit, a conference for ecommerce entrepreneurs and physical products brands, aims to create an environment that brings entrepreneurs, investors, and business buyers into the same room for two days.

ONNIT, a performance company based in Austin, TX, has experienced rare and spectacular growth over the last six years. From a single product (that he advertised on the Joe Rogan podcast) to tens of millions in annual sales, Aubrey Marcus has built ONNIT into a model for physical products brands around the world.

Known for its branding and it's partnerships with influencers, ONNIT has become a world-recognized brand in performance products, including food, supplements, and kettlebells. Entrepreneurs everywhere revere the company's culture and respect in the marketplace, which is why Aubrey is a uniquely qualified speaker for digital brands and ecommerce entrepreneurs.

Not only has Aubrey created ONNIT, but he has also built an influential personal brand as well as a new clothing company, the Aubrey Marcus Collection. He has done all of this while juggling speaking tours, writing best selling books, and a committed relationship to boot.

Aubrey was recently featured on the Freedom Fast Lane podcast, where he discussed daily habits and rituals that create success. At the Brand Builder Summit, Aubrey will reveal the strategies that turned ONNIT into a beloved brand, a 9-figure revenue generator, and a influential force with millions of raving fans.

Furthermore, Aubrey will discuss how the company has kept profit margins high in an ultra competitive marketplace, and how they have continued to gain market share while other companies attempt to emulate their success. Finally, Aubrey will discuss how he has maintained a healthy work balance while also growing a multi-million dollar empire.

The Brand Builder Summit is a conference for successful and emerging brands who must continually adapt in order to compete in a digital age. With Amazon becoming a bigger and bigger online retailer, all while online competition continues to rise, brand builders must continue to adapt and stay ahead of the curve. The Brand Builder Summit connects these entrepreneurs with thought leaders, investors, and internet marketers who have built successful businesses.

Tickets for The Brand Builder Summit go on sale June 19th, and only 400 will be made available to the general public.