IT’S OFFICIAL: The co-founder of BioTrust Nutrition, and one of the greatest email marketers in the world, Joel Marion, will be speaking at The Capitalism Conference in Dallas, TX this January.

Joel Marion has a track record of building eight and nine figure companies in 12 months or less. THAT'S A FACT.

He proved this ability by going from zero to $100 million at BioTrust in just the first twelve months. (You read that right: $100 million in revenue in the first twelve months.)

Joel and his co-founder, Josh, built the company largely on relationships and their email marketing expertise. By doing so, they proved that you can have a 9-figure company that flies under the radar of popular channels like and Shopify.

Joel proved his "rapid growth" expertise once again when he built his personal brand. Joel has amassed a huge and loyal following, and he has amassed more than 1 million Instagram followers in less than twelve months. He has leveraged this brand to command more take-home profit than most professional athletes, all while working a few hours per week.

Joel is one of the few entrepreneurs who truly can live a four-hour-work-week and still create a real fortune. That fortune, of course, comes on the back of expertise that took years to cultivate. He will be sharing that expertise this January at the Capitalism Conference.

This talk alone will be worth the trip to Texas, and your time with Joel may be the most profitable few hours that you spend all year.

As a preview, you can hear Joel's partner, Josh Bezoni, detail their meteoric growth on this Self Made Man podcast:

YouTube video

Beyond his ability to grow eight and nine figure companies in twelve months or less, Joel is a family man and a backer and believer in entrepreneurs. Joel spends countless hours freely helping entrepreneurs, because he understands that Capitalism is the fastest route to personal freedom.

(Can we get an "AMEN?")

At the Capitalism Conference this January, Joel will be outlining the strategies that took him from zero to nine figures in less than twelve months. As a result, you will leave with a faster trajectory for growth that you can implement into your business immediately. This talk alone may potentially add an additional "zero" to your company's bottom line when the dust settles.

Joel joins an already stacked lineup that features Michael Dubin from Dollar Shave Club and AJ Vaynerchuk. Joel's addition to the lineup makes attendance a no-brainer this January.

In addition, Joel will be speaking alongside a series of investors, entrepreneurs, and founders this January at the Capitalism Conference in Dallas. Tickets go on sale September 17th, and only 600 will be made available. Reserve a spot on the early notification list here.