IT’S OFFICIAL: The pioneer of The Billionaire Code, Alex Charfen, will be speaking at The Capitalism Conference in Dallas, TX in January.

Alex is one of the few go-to advisors for entrepreneurs in rapid growth mode. Alex’s experience ranges from the new entrepreneur to the billionaire business mogul.

With knowledge at every level of the entrepreneurial journey, his advice has helped new businesses grow from zero to mid-eight-figures in as little as two years.

Alex’s superpower is giving clarity to business owners. After working with him, founders and business leaders know exactly what they need to focus on in order to ascend. As a result, he gets entrepreneurs into constant and consistent momentum, freeing up their creativity so that they quickly move to the next stage of growth.

Alex works with entrepreneurs to move from one level to the next, as he outlines in this interview:

YouTube video

More importantly, Alex honors the fact that entrepreneurs often feel alone due to the fact that they are different than most others. Rather than isolating them, Alex works to free up entrepreneurial creativity to facilitate growth.

He argues that our “weirdness” is our greatest gift, and that it is a trait meant to bring about change in the world. Our unique talents and beliefs are what ultimately influence others, solve challenges, and bring about growth.

To that, we say, “Hell yeah.”

At the Capitalism Conference this January, Alex will be helping entrepreneurs ascend the billionaire ladder. Whether your business is in its ideation, or you are running a nine figure portfolio, learning from Alex will help you remove stress and confusion from your plan, free up your creative genius, and give you the clear plan to experience consistent and rapid growth.

One insight learned from Alex may literally move you from a place of feeling stuck to feeling clear momentum.

Alex will be speaking alongside a series of investors, entrepreneurs, and founders this January at the Capitalism Conference in Dallas. Tickets go on sale September 17th, and only 600 will be made available. Reserve a spot on the early notification list here.