You're an entrepreneur, which means you're a goldmine of experience and innovation. Here's the deal: a book can catapult your expertise into the stratosphere. Don’t think you’ve got time? Time is of the essence, and speed breeds momentum - plus, the market won’t wait. 

You don't need a lifetime to pen a game-changer. You can write a book in 90 days. That's all it takes to package your genius into pages and shout it from the rooftops. 

Let’s get started.

Why bother to write a book?

Writing a book isn't about slapping “Author” next to your name on LinkedIn. It's a potent distillation of your entrepreneurial journey and wisdom, packed into pages that can alter the way people think and operate. 

This isn't about vanity; it's about impact. And when it's done right, it’s about leaving a mark that outlives your daily grind. So, why should you dive into the authorial waters now?

Let's break it down.

Authority Status

You’ve earned your stripes in the business jungle. It's time to package that experience and expertise into something that speaks when you’re not around. Writing a book takes you from being one in a million to THE one in a million. People don't just want services; they crave authority, and your book is the megaphone that amplifies your voice above the din. It's an emblem that says, "Been there, done that, wrote the book" (literally).

Client Magnet

Think of your book as the world's most impressive business card. It’s more than ink and paper; it's a statement. In a sea of “experts,” a book is your anchor, firmly establishing your foothold. Clients don't latch onto services; they latch onto stories and proven expertise. A book broadcasts your insights like nothing else and becomes an undeniable beacon for those looking for the best in the business.

Personal Brand Rocket

If your personal brand is a flame, consider a book the gasoline. It's a game-changer. With a book, you’re no longer selling just services or products; you’re offering well-curated thoughts and tested wisdom. It's tangible, it's shareable, and it has a life of its own. When you hand over your book or someone stumbles upon it online, it’s your personal brand making inroads where you physically can’t.

Opportunities Galore

Hold on tight because once your book is out, it’s a whirlwind of possibilities. You're not just running your business; you’re leading an industry. Speaking gigs, podcasts, interviews, collaborations – the world becomes your oyster. A book opens avenues that didn't even seem to exist. It’s your golden ticket into rooms with thought leaders and decision-makers you’ve looked up to.

Network Explosion

We're not just talking a network; we’re talking an evolved, high-caliber, dynamite network. Imagine mingling with the best in the business, not just as peers but as fellow thought leaders. A book gets you into the sphere where innovation, collaboration, and real impact happen. It’s not about adding contacts; it's about forging alliances. These are the people who will challenge you, work with you, and elevate you. This isn’t just growth; it's an evolution.

So, let's circle back: is writing a book worth it? This is bigger than worth; it’s about scope and scale. It’s about taking your hard-earned wisdom and turning it into a living, breathing legacy. Don't let it simmer in your thoughts. Give it pages to live on. The world needs it.

Your proven action plan to write a book in 90 days

So now you know exactly why you should write a book, let’s delve deeper into how it’s done. 

Follow these five proven steps and you’ll have a book that benefits your career

Step 1. Get Crystal Clear

First things first: Clarity is king. 

Why are you writing this book? Who needs to read it? 

Answer these questions like your life depends on it because, in the literary world, it does. Plot out your book, chapter by chapter, insight by insight. Define your message and make it razor-sharp. That outline isn’t just paper; it’s the skeleton of your future book. Don't get caught in the clouds with grand visions; boil it down to the essence. Deadlines for each segment are non-negotiable. It’s like a project timeline, and you’re the project manager. Keep it tight and keep it focused.

Step 2. Lock in Time

Your book deserves prime time, not the scraps.

But you’re not swimming in free time, right? 

Strategy is key. Identify when you’re at your best. Mornings with coffee, or nights with the world asleep - you decide. That slot is now sacred. No intrusions. No “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Consistency is currency here. Invest it. And don’t get caught thinking you need hours on end. Start with 30 minutes. It’s not about marathon sessions; it’s about regular, focused sprints. Progress will stack up, and before you know it, you’ll see a manuscript taking shape. Treat these sessions like high-stake meetings. Your book is your new VIP client. Don’t stand it up.

Step 3. Be a Writing Machine

Productivity isn't an accident; it's a choice. 

Don’t wing it; structure it. 

Enter the Pomodoro Technique: 25 minutes of writing fury, then a breather. This isn’t just a cute idea; it’s brain science. You’re hacking your focus and keeping burnout at bay. Now, let’s talk tools. Evernote is your digital filing cabinet. Grammarly is the proofreader peering over your shoulder. These tools are sleek, and guess what? They don’t require you to break the bank. They’re your backstage crew, ensuring the show goes on. Spend less time fretting and more time forging. You’ve got a book to write. And avoid these common mistakes.

Step 4. Smash Through Blocks

You hit a wall. The muse has left the building. 

Calm down, Shakespeare; writer’s block isn’t a death sentence. It’s a puzzle, and you’ve got to solve it. Write like a lunatic for 5 minutes. It doesn’t need to be pretty; it needs to be done. That mess? That’s your brain unclogging. But maybe you need fresh air, not fresh pages. Change your scenery. Go where the people are, or where they aren’t. Sometimes, creativity is about context. Surroundings can kick those brainwaves into action. Writer's block is a puzzle, not a prison.

Step 5. Tap into Your Tribe

You’re an entrepreneur, not a hermit. 

People are assets, and you need them. Your book needs them. 

The solo genius myth? Toss it. This is the real world, and feedback is your secret sauce. Share snippets, seek opinions. Build a small tribe that’s got your back. It’s not about ego stroking; it’s about making your book bulletproof. How about an editor? Worth their weight in gold. They’ll see the cracks you can’t. And if you're struggling with direction, a writing coach might be the GPS you need. Don't be a lone ranger. Be the leader of a pack. Your pack. Your book will thank you.

Are you ready to write your book?

Consider this: a book is intellectual real estate. You're an entrepreneur, and this is a prime investment. Not only does it bear your name, but it also carries your insights, expertise, and values. It's not a badge; it's a knowledge repository. A book carves out a space for you in the market that’s solid and influential, elevating your stature from entrepreneur to thought leader. 

Can you really write a book in 90 days? Absolutely. In a fast-paced world, adaptability and speed are currency. Waiting around isn’t an option. Efficient execution matters. Think of this as an exciting challenge - your expertise, condensed into a high-impact form, created in just a quarter of a year. You’ve faced tighter deadlines, haven’t you?

No more procrastination. You have the know-how. You have the toolkit. Get started with a goal, an outline, and a non-negotiable daily appointment with your keyboard. Be strategic and purposeful. Reach out to the right people. In three months, you’ll be holding your expertise in your hands. 

Ready, set, write.

About the Author

Christopher Ortiz is a writer for and a former tech disrupter, now putting pen to paper while engaged in perpetual world travel. Allergic to moleskine notebooks. Can often be found on the golf course spuriously claiming “I’ve finally sorted my swing out.”