Finding creative ways to interact with your customers on the Amazon marketplace is essential for boosting sales and expanding your brand. Using Amazon Posts is one tactic that has shown a lot of promise. Through Amazon Posts brands can design a more interesting and brand-focused connection with their customers. Some of TurnKey Product Management’s clients have seen tremendous growth in the number of followers they get on Amazon, which has turned into more sales too!

If your brand is currently generating social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, etc… then you might as well repost some of that content to Amazon Posts!

How Do Amazon Posts Work?

Brands can publish content on Amazon Posts similar to social media. With the Posts, you are able to show your customer your brand and products beyond the standard product listings. This feature offers a special chance to emphasize client testimonials, promote new products, and tell your brand's narrative in a more interactive and engaging way.

Why Use Amazon Posts? 

There are many reasons why your team should utilize Amazon Posts consistently: 

  • Brand storytelling: Through Amazon Posts, you can convey your brand's narrative and strengthen your relationship with your audience.
  • Promoting New Products: You may use Amazon Posts to inform your audience about new products and build a buzz around them. 
  • Drive Traffic to Your Listing and Store: Through Amazon Posts, you drive traffic to your listing and your storefront. The positive to driving traffic to your storefront is it will increase your follower count which you can then follow up with through customer engagements. 

Where Do My Amazon Posts Show Up? 

  • Brand Feed: This is your brand's specific feed that features your post only, your feed is located in your Amazon Storefront 
  • Amazon Listing: This is generally seen at the bottom of the listing, it will feature your Amazon Posts along with potential competitors chosen by Amazon’s algorithm   
  • Competitor’s Amazon Listings: Just like competitor’s posts can show up on your listings your posts can show up on their Amazon listing feed based on the algorithm  
  • Category Feeds: This is based on a customer search, while they are searching a given term different feeds will pop up as they are based on the relevancy to the search  

How to Make the Most of Amazon Posts

  • Create compelling Content: Just like on any social media network, generating compelling content is the key to success with Amazon Posts. For the content, we recommend lifestyle images of your products, further information on your product (like ingredients for example), and strong product shots. 
  • Keep Being Consistent: Being consistent is essential for sustaining engagement. By consistently publishing new material, you will maintain strong brand awareness with your audience and develop a devoted following. We suggest posting at least twice a week and specifically scheduling posts on big days like Prime Day. 
  • Measure Success and Optimize Your Content: For each post, Amazon offers information on viewable impressions, clicks, and click-through rates. Utilize this information to determine what needs to be optimized for your posts. When it comes to optimizations we suggest optimizing the actual image, captions, and day in the week posted based on how they perform. 
  • Pair it with Customer Engagements: With Amazon Posts, you are in turn increasing your chances of having a successful customer engagement campaign. As your Amazon Posts increase your storefront followers you will have more people to reach out with Customer Engagements. 
  • Reuse from other social media channels: Content is challenging to create and time-consuming as we all know. Our team always recommends reusing content and captions from your external social media for Amazon Post. Additionally, you can always repurpose content from Amazon Posts for social media. 

What are Customer Engagements? 

Customer Engagements are another tool with Amazon that allows you to reach out to the following: 

Amazon Posts
  • Brand Followers: Those following your brand through the Amazon Storefront 
  • Recent Customers: Those who have purchased in the last 12 months 
  • High Spend Customers: Those who have spent the most with your brand 
  • Repeat Customers: Those who have purchased from your multiple times 

As you push Amazon Posts and increase your brand awareness the more opportunities you will get to use Customer Engagements and reach out to your customers. 


Brands need to make sure they are on the cutting edge to be successful on Amazon. You can use Amazon Posts to expand your brand and increase sales by producing great content, posting consistently, and using data to guide your strategy.

In the world of Amazon, staying ahead of the curve is key. Amazon Posts is one more tool in your arsenal to engage customers, tell your brand story, and ultimately drive sales. So why wait? Start creating your Amazon Posts today!

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