If anything saves retail, it will be the fast lane Amazon is creating for physical product brands.

The biggest move Amazon had made in its business model is its investment in distribution. You can order a product using Amazon Prime and get it to your door thanks to same-day or two-day delivery.

Until Amazon bought Whole Foods Market this year.

The acquisition marked a significant shift in the retail industry. Capitalism.com founder and CEO Ryan Daniel Moran explained in a recent episode of his podcast, Freedom Fast Lane.

"If Amazon continues to expand its reach into retail with additional acquisitions (and you can bet that they will), then it means that high performing brands will have front-of-the-line access into retail stores across the country," he explained.

"If you have the best selling cacao butter on Amazon, you could see it go straight into Whole Foods. Sell an awesome meal cheese grater? You could it on retail store shelves within a few months."

We know Amazon is what saves retail. The question physical products entrepreneurs are asking themselves now is this:

How can we be part of that solution?

By building a successful physical product brand.

You can be among those products on the fast lane to shelves in communities all over. It's possible, if you're a top seller on Amazon.

What does it take to build a successful physical product brand? It's about following the foundational strategies to ensure you're solving a gap in the market.

If you have an audience, you can learn what challenges they face and serve them with products that help them on their journeys.

That's how we build successful brands.

Of course, you'll need to make sure that you've properly sourced and labeled your product, tested it, and set up your Amazon store.

We have a proven model for going from an idea to a six- or seven-figure business. And by helping others follow that model, we have created more than 100 millionaires.

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