This is the case study part of the show where we look at one of our students' businesses.

We look at how they could be raising capital, and also what they're doing really well right now.

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Today's submission comes from and their products are called Baby Makers.

That's an Anchorman reference.

Good work, Stacey Roberts.

So, has a slew of products to help people become fertile, I assume, and also conceive naturally. And they also do some speaking and blogging and have an audience of over 10,000, which is pretty impressive, Stacey.

This would be my recommendation. Your question specifically was about raising capital to be able to promote your products and this is going to come from two sources, in my opinion.

The way that you are going to grow this business is in leveraging your audience. Also, I think you can leverage your website and your personal brand a lot stronger by creating an info product.

There are info products about natural fertility that do extremely well, six- and seven-figure businesses. And with your authority and your ability to deliver a message, you've got a product already sittin' around in your brain.

If you just sat down for a couple hours and had someone interview you about how a couple could conceive naturally and all the misconceptions before somebody goes and spends $50,000 doing IVF [In Vitro Fertilization] or some sort of expensive treatment, would they be willing to spend $47 or $97 for your info product that helps them cut that curve and save thousands of dollars?

Well, it's already been proven in the marketplace that they will.

There are lots of info products that do very, very well. With your list, your audience, and your connections, you'll have no problem getting affiliates to promote a product like that.

I'd recommend that you put a product on ClickBank and create a sales video to promote that info product and that will be your funding for the physical products that you sell on the back end.

My recommendation: once that is cash flowing, once you have people buying that product and you really only need a couple sales a day to have a six- or seven-figure business (depending on your price point, of course), you can use that cash flow to go buy the inventory for the physical products that you want to sell.

You'll be able to pay for those from the business, but also, the customers who are buying your info product are going to be the people who buy your natural fertility products.

This is going to do a bunch for you.

It's going to give you cash flow. It's going to give you an audience to promote your physical products.

And it's also going to expand your influence because this will make you go out and make other connections for people who want to promote your information product.

It will open up opportunities for you to be on podcasts or YouTube videos.

And you have something to promote now, so it's profitable and worth your time to go out to these different channels and to give up your time giving these talks because these people will come back and buy your product who also buy your supplements or whatever products it is that you're promoting.

I think that is the best way that you can really grow this business quickly, to raising capital, and to give you a way to monetize the audience you've already built.

At the same time, you have an audience of over 10,000 people, that can be leveraged to either pre-sell your physical products or to launch your physical products right now, either through a Kickstarter or by doing a small inventory purchase that you can put on Amazon.

Go to your audience, promote those products, and you are already ahead of most of the people who are trying to compete with you because they're just trying to give away a bunch of products on Amazon, but you already have the audience of people these products.

So you are way ahead of most people. You are inches away from a six or a seven figure business.

This is something I would even invest in if you were willing to show that it was already cash flowing.

I think that's going to come from either creating an info product and promoting that or using your audience to promote physical products, either on Kickstarter or

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