Casey Gauss is a genius when it comes to helping Amazon sellers break into new markets and identify where their profit lies.

He tells us the secrets you need to know to make the best decisions with your Amazon products.

Success as an Amazon seller doesn’t come by cutting corners

If you’re looking for a black hat tactic to become an Amazon success overnight, you're on the wrong path. Such a thing doesn’t exist. As the third party Amazon seller market continues to boom, so does the need for trust and transparency in order to gain success.

Casey says it’s becoming more of a fact that you can’t cut corners as an Amazon seller. The only way to move your goods is to have a great product at a great price and to be doing everything well to promote it.

A good listing with a keyword strategy is crucial. And more and more sellers investing in good photography to show the lifestyle aspect and benefit of products. So you need to make sure your imagery is excellent, too.

Be aggressive for your market. Continue to build your reviews as how many you get correlates with how often users click to buy.

Black hat techniques are bad for your bottom line

There’s a myth spreading that Amazon is taking purchase price into account, and is giving less weighting to discounted products. This is creating a lot of black hat techniques from brands trying to boost their full price products.

Amazon has been increasing their technology around fraudulent reviews. Reviews play a large part in where a product ranks, with those who use the friends and family approach being suspended and dealt policy violations.

Using black hat techniques could mean bad news for your brand in the long run, so Casey heavily advises against it. Your targeted keywords are the most effective tool you can use to help your product to rank well.

If you’re not sure how to create a listing with great targeted keywords, Viral Launch can help you.

How Market Intelligence is transforming sales figures in third party seller

Market Intelligence is a new sophisticated product research tool created by Casey and the team at Viral Launch which validates ideas on what markets to enter for Amazon sellers.

They have tens of millions of products being tracked and can provide a comprehensive sales estimate over the last 30 days to take fluctuations of day and time into account. The tool shows market trends, competitor review rates, and sales distribution across markets to paint a comprehensive picture of price changes and to help sellers to make better sourcing decision.

Using this tool can help Amazon sellers to determine what the best niche to go into is, as it evaluates the sales to review ratio of products to rate the potential. However, it won’t point you in a certain direction or give you any ideas to save niche markets from suddenly becoming saturated.

The prediction for what’s next from Amazon

Casey has seen Amazon put more resources into growing international markets and is excited about it. In the UK, the market size is the same as the US but there is less competition. He suggests sellers ride the wave of popularity into that market now.

With tactics always changing, it’s likely that more sophisticated strategies will continue to mature and emerge. So work hard and pay attention to what happens.

Is it possible that preemptive buying becomes a feature of Amazon, where they make the purchase decisions for the buyer?

Possibly. The best thing all brands can do to become trustworthy and visible is to get brand registered, as it may turn out to be the best business decision you ever made.

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