Martin Absalon asked, "How do you get the best people to work in a small business?"

This comes down to culture.

We did a great podcast with Cameron Herold, who basically specializes in exactly that, getting really good people to work in small businesses, taking small businesses from one to five million to 50 to 100 million. He works with physical product sellers.

People who follow our stuff go to Cameron when they're ready to scale. He also works with COOs and general managers of companies to help them really learn how to run businesses effectively, and he says that it all comes down to culture.

It all comes down to creating the type of atmosphere and workplace that attract the right people.

I would add to that the right mission, the right story, the right messaging, the right reason why you exist is part of your culture.

Because when you stand for something that is more than just the buck, and there's nothing wrong with the buck or standing for just money, but when you do stand for something else, something that meets the other needs of your team members and your employees, that attracts a different type of person.

Because then you're not just competing on how much you can pay one another. You're competing on what is going to be the best life for the person who is joining your team.

So, by focusing on culture and focusing on the other areas where you serve an individual and make their life better, that is how you can attract higher quality talent, even if you're a small business.

For more on that, make sure you subscribe to the podcast over at, or, and listen to the episode with Cameron Herold, where he speaks exactly on how small businesses can attract good talent and grow, even from the one person show to an eight or a nine figure business. That's been his specialty, and that's why it was a very well-received episode of the podcast.

Watch this clip of Cameron Herold speaking about a vivid vision.

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