If you haven’t yet invested in commercial real estate, there’s a huge cash flow which you could be missing out on.

Real estate has been a cornerstone of wealth generation for a long time, which is what prompted Jilliene Helman to create Realty Mogul.

It is now possible to make a generous passive investment without being an accredited investor thanks to the technology which Jilliene has developed.

Realty Mogul came from a belief that more people should have access to commercial real estate, and since being established five years ago they’ve grown to a marketplace of 125,000 investors and have completed $300m in transaction volume.

How do you take the first step into this kind of investment? Jilliene and her Investor Relations team have one on one communication with investors to help you, and she shares with us some advice on how to make a big return from commercial property.

Key takeaways:

  • What is passive commercial property investment?
  • The growth of crowdfunding
  • Market trends and advice to commercial real estate investors

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