One of the most commonly asked questions—probably the most commonly asked question—I get asked is, how do I find good products that sell?

"So I want to be an entrepreneur. I want to be a business owner. Where do I find good products that sell?"

And my philosophy, my strategy, for this is different than most, which is why we've had so many success stories of people running seven-figure businesses.

Because this strategy just makes sense, and it is different than what most people teach. It's the reason why so many of our students have been successful at So I'm going to teach this to you.

If you like this methodology, it should make building a successful business easier.

It's not, "hey, sell this product. You should sell cat toys. You should sell yoga mats." (Which, by the way, I have both sold successfully in the past, so a bunch of people try to copy me. And I don't care if somebody copies me, because if somebody tries to copy a product that I sell, they're going to lose.)

But if you follow this process, this is how you really win and dominate a marketplace. I'm going to show you a modified version of what we call "The Hero's Journey."

The Hero's Journey starts with a person, a very specific person, who has some sort of a mission. That person is going somewhere. They have already made a decision, and that decision is to go on their journey or their adventure.

So for the purpose of an argument, let's say that this is a person who has decided to lose weight, and that is their journey. Now, we're not after people who need to lose weight. We're after the person who has already decided that they're going to go on the adventure of losing weight. That's who we're after.

Not the people who necessarily need us, but the people are already in motion on their journey. Important distinction.

On their adventure, they are going to need help along the way. And in The Hero's Journey, this is the point where they tend to meet a mentor. This is where you come in. This is your business. This is your brand.

Your brand helps people on their journey. That's who you are.

Now, most people completely miss this. They think that a brand just sells products. "I sell yoga mats."

Well who the heck do you sell yoga mats to? You sell them to people who are on the journey of becoming a yogi because they want to get in shape, or because they want to feel more connected to themselves so they practice yoga.

That's who you serve. You don't just sell yoga mats.

If you just sell yoga mats, then other people who sell yoga mats could charge less money and you're out of business. But if you sell a person on their journey then you can sell them yoga mats, yoga towels, yoga blocks, yoga spray, meditation chairs, essential oils, books—you can sell all kinds of stuff to that person.

The person who's trying to lose weight, our mission is not to go out there and say, "you need to lose weight. You need to get in shape." No.

Your job is to go to the person who's already deciding to lose weight and say, "I know it's hard to lose weight, that's why we made [blank]." Because along the way they're going to go the next step of the process, which is problems along the journey. They're going to meet you, there's going to be problems along the way, and they're going to want to give up.

In The Hero's Journey this is called death. They lose something. They feel frustrated. They hit this point where they want to give up on their journey. So it's your job as a business owner to solve these problems.

Let's say your brand helps people lose weight on their adventure. So along the way they're going to run into the problem where they're really going to have a craving for something delicious.

You might sell a meal bar that tastes delicious and solves that sweet craving, so that they can continue on in their journey. Or they might feel isolated, because they're doing this alone. So you might sell a group coaching, so there's mentoring along the way, so they don't feel alone.

Or if you're Weight Watchers, you sell both. You sell food that's delicious. You sell a plan to keep them on track. And you sell the group consultant thing, so you have other people to share this with.

Or it might be a "Losing weight is hard. Here's a fat burner that makes it easier." Or "Losing weight is hard. Here's a piece of exercise equipment that fits under your bed so you have convenient exercise all the time."

Your job is to solve the problems via your product. That's your job.

So, they come back, they start coming up The Hero's Journey, and they're eventually going to become the person that they wanted to be. By you solving these problems we get to the next piece, which is their transformation. These are your success stories.

These are the people in the P90X commercial who are highlighted all over the place. They got through the journey and they're now returning home. The Hero's Journey called this the return. The return to themselves, return to glory, return home as the champion.

So these are your success stories, these are people you highlight, these are people you say "Look what we've done. We need more people on this journey so you can achieve your transformation. We're going to solve your problems along the way." That's your job as the business owner.

Now, here's the interesting thing. When someone transforms and returns home, guess what happens? Now they're a new person, going on a new adventure to the next thing, and so you can have other product lines that help them with that. And that's how you really start to grow.

If you're looking at the person who's trying to lose weight, we can sell food, we can sell supplements. At some point they're going to return home and none of their clothes are going to fit. So we can sell different clothes.

We can sell accountability groups. We can sell all kinds of exercise equipment, different kinds of exercise equipment. We could sell all kinds of things to that person. And then they're going to the next journey, and we're going to sell even more things.

The math on this is that we need three to five products selling about 25 units a day to get 100 sales a day. And 100 sales a day at $25 to $35 dollars each, is a million-dollar business.

Following this process, that is how we've been able to help so many people build million-dollar businesses.

They're not just selling a product and hoping that people pick it up. They're actually solving real problems for a person on a journey. And guess what? This person knows 10 other people who are on the exact same journey.

So if you help one person, you'll get 10 customers out of it, who will get 10 more customers, who will go out and get more people, and that's how your business really grows, and that's what we teach people to do.

We help people start businesses at because we believe that success comes from solving problems, which means that the world is a better place, which means more people are going through their journey. That's how real brands are built, how real businesses are built.

We believe that more business makes the world a better place, so we should encourage success, not demonize it. Capitalism should be celebrated. We shouldn't wait for government.

So if you want to be an entrepreneur, and you know somebody who wants to be an entrepreneur, we encourage them—or you—to sign up for one of our training classes. We teach this for free.

We have these business accelerators and we have training programs, and opportunities to help make the process easier. Because we know we are after the person who's on the journey of being an entrepreneur, to make a bigger impact in their lives, in their communities, to make a difference in the world.

And along the way you're going to have problems. You're going to say, "where do I get my ideas for products?" You're going to say, "how do I get capital?" You're going to say, "who's going to help me grow this thing?" Or "how am I going to market this thing?"

That's what we help people do, because we believe that entrepreneurs change the world. We need more entrepreneurs. The best way to get rich, or the best way to make an impact, is to have a business.

We help people on their journey to being an entrepreneur, so that they can come back and, as a result of them, the world has been impacted. The world has been changed. We've got hundreds and hundreds of transformation stories, of people who have built million dollar businesses. People have built six-figure businesses. People who are creating products, that are solving problems, and changing peoples lives.

So if you're here and you're on your journey, for financial freedom, to be an entrepreneur, to make a bigger impact in the world, I'm encouraging you to join us at Sign up for one of our free training classes, where we'll teach you the model of exactly how to build one of these businesses.

And if you believe that entrepreneurs are the solution to the world's problems, and that we should stop waiting for government, share this video. Make sure you're subscribed to this video channel. Thanks for watching.


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