James had never run a physical product business before.

He wanted to. He didn't have the confidence.

But by listening to this podcast, James got the exact model of how he was going to make that happen.

James Swanwick comes from a direct response background. He actually works every closely with Tai Lopez.

James took some of those lessons and applied those to his physical product business that was based on Amazon, and it allowed him to scale much, much faster.

And charge much higher prices.

We cover all of that with James on this episode of Freedom Fast Lane.

If you sell any type of physical product, or you want to start a physical product business, this is basically a roadmap for how James did it by using outside traffic.

It is kind of an unveiling of his product, his marketing messages, what worked and what doesn't work, how he approaches marketing, how he hires.

This is basically a great complement to our 12 Months to $1 Million program, in case-study format.

If you haven't started a business yet and you're like, what is this training that James went through and how do I build a business like this? We train entrepreneurs to build product businesses through our Brand Builder Bootcamp.

If you're already selling a product and you're like, I want to hang out with more people like James! You should be at Tribe Summit 2017. It is May 1-4 in Austin, Texas. And when you come to Tribe Summit, it also gives you access to The Tribe for a year.

James is going to be at Tribe Summit, along with retail partners, a bunch of heavy hitters who are already successful sellers and investors looking for deal flow in these types of businesses.

If you sell anything online, this episode is pretty much a playbook for combining Facebook with Amazon so that you have multiple sources of sales without cannibalizing one from the other.


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