Matthew Tremolada used textbook sales tactics to build his business from nothing to averaging $50,000 a month in sales. But it's his personal battle and how he has persisted is what makes this story so remarkable.

He got kicked out of college for his struggle with heroin addiction. After getting sober, Tremolada still felt unfulfilled. He then took to the internet in search of a way to finance his relapse on heroin.

However, instead of finding a potentially lethal fix, Tremolada found a new path – entrepreneurship.

Browsing the internet led Tremolada to a marketing site that changed his life. It wasn’t some old pyramid scheme or get-rich-quick tactic that he found. It was a compelling marketing plan that could brighten his future.

Tremolada bought in, and now he’s reaping the benefits of his entrepreneurism.

In an interview with founder and CEO Ryan Moran on the Freedom Fast Lane podcast, Tremolada explains in the full podcast that he began capitalizing on arbitrage with eBay and Amazon.

Tremolada is a thriving member of the The Tribe, a business incubator that creates investment opportunities, retail partnerships and helps grow and scale businesses.

From arbitrage, he expanded his brand from one product to an entire line of similar health products that have become wildly successful.

But Tremolada didn’t do it alone. He sought capital investment.

In using his knowledge from the entrepreneurial training he’s received, Tremolada sought out greater capital.

Since then, Tremolada has built a clear business plan to expand the company and sell it within another year. His trick? Putting in everything to make the business successful.

According to Tremolada, it’s important to not waste your resources on items not pertinent to one’s business model. So he’s decided to still live at home and focus on turning his business into a profiting machine despite his immense success.

Part of business growth includes releasing new products and innovating a company’s marketing strategy. According to Tremolada, that’s what he’s doing to achieve success.

On the podcast, he illustrates that his company is on track to hit the one million dollar mark this year, thanks to working with The Tribe. Learn more about the Freedom Fast Lane Tribe and Brand Builder Bootcamp by tuning in each week to the Freedom Fast Lane podcast and Freedom Fast Lane TV.
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