Are you interested in making millions of dollars a year simply by selling private label products on Amazon?

If so, you don’t want to skip this podcast.

On this episode of the Freedom Fast Lane podcast, Ryan brings on Casey Gauss. As the founder of Viral Launch, Casey helps entrepreneurs launch their products on Amazon by strategic commodity marketing.

Although Casey has a different sales mindset than does Ryan, Casey brings in knowledge from running companies that earn $30 million a year. According to Casey, being successful on Amazon is all about mastering the site’s algorithm.

And Casey’s clients do just that. After all, one of them reached $100 million a year in revenue mostly by relying on give-away deals on Amazon.

Part of mastering Amazon sales is knowing what products to sell and when to sell them.

Organic sales are critical to the success of a product on Amazon, and that means generating organic traffic on your products’ pages can be more important than focusing on sponsored advertisements.

Casey specializes in private label products, which he claims are only going to become more popular. For Casey, he’s found success by providing good products regardless of their brand – so long as their credible due to their sales on Amazon. Part of that credibility is cemented by social proof via reviews on Amazon.

For example, Casey illustrates in the podcast that consumers don’t care about the brand name of a windshield wiper, they just want a credible one that they can purchase in the moment.

According to Casey, there are two types of ways to master this type of sales. The first is through massive generic sales. Using this approach, entrepreneurs push to reach as many potential consumers as possible.

The second is through niche marketing. This approach targets one or several niche commodity markets. Although they are two different market scales, both methods have one thing in common: organic traffic.

Despite Ryan’s belief that long-term brand-building is vital to the success of the business in contrast to Casey’s commodity cash flow mindset, the two discuss in detail the nuances of rapidly growing sales on Amazon.


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