The government loves to stick its big nose into all aspects of our private lives, regulating and banning seemingly anything that displeases our politicians. Often, they attempt to justify excessive regulation under the guise of “safety.”

This form of legislative intrusion means that you and I have less personal choice in life. It also hurts business.

The Nanny State has gotten so out-of-control, that now the bureaucrats in Wisconsin are “protecting” residents from butter. Seriously?

Kerrygold butter is a brand of grass-fed butter made in Ireland. Grass-fed butter isn’t as common in America as it is in Europe, which is why Kerrygold has become to go-to brand for Americans who enjoy drinking “bulletproof coffee” -- or coffee with a bit of grass-fed butter in it. To help bulletproof coffee drinkers get their fix, Kerrygold is on the shelves of major grocery stores like Whole Foods.

Thanks to the rise in popularity of high fat diets, like Paleo, the demand for Kerrygold butter has skyrocketed in recent years.

But now, fans of this highly potent coffee who live in Wisconsin are out of luck.

In that state, the government has BANNED Kerrygold, making its sale illegal.

An old law was passed in Wisconsin in the 1970’s, requiring all butter intended for commercial purposes to first be put before a panel of “experts.” These experts are tasked with grading the product based on a set of standards.

The regulatory process explaining how to inspect butter is several pages long and includes 32 “quality points” that every stick of butter must meet.

Since Kerrygold is made in Ireland, its products don’t go through the same regulatory process as American products.

So government workers in Wisconsin have taken it upon themselves to remove Kerrygold from grocery store shelves. According to them, without that panel of “experts” approving the butter, we’re all at risk.

Store owners who sell Kerrygold butter in the state have been threatened with penalties or even jail time.

But is the government REALLY taking on the role of “butter police” to keep consumers safe? Or is there another incentive at play?

Wisconsin’s dairy farms lead the United States in the production of milk, cheese, and butter. By removing the increasingly popular Kerrygold butter from grocery stores, the state government is knocking competition out of the ring.

The pushback against foreign butter is likely an example of the state picking winners and losers in the “free” market -- otherwise known as crony capitalism! If the Wisconsin government and its “experts” stayed out of the butter business altogether, state-based dairy producers would be allowed to innovate and compete with Kerrygold or other foreign brands.

We get it - we want safe food. But excessive bureaucracy is killing competition and taking what should be personal responsibility for our health and putting it in the hands of legislators. It’s similar to the cause for raw milk - if you want to drink it, go for it!

If you want to use grass-fed butter that hasn’t had a 32-point inspection by butter experts, fine by me!

Excessive regulation sends a very clear message: the government thinks that politicians know more than we do about how we should live, take care of our health, and raise our children.

The nanny state is smothering us in maternalistic mismanagement and over-regulation. It also hurts business and the economy.

Who wins? The government, and the companies lucky enough to be chosen by bureaucrats as “winners.”

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