Yes, you read that right. TurnKey Product Management 20x’d a brand’s sales in their non-peak season, growing from $5,600/month to $123,000/month! 

Want to know how they did it without spending a ton of money on ads? We did, too. Jeff Lieber’s mostly non-PPC answer does not disappoint. Take it away, Jeff!


We only spent about $15,000 in ads in the peak month of November where we brought over $123,000 in sales. So I’m going to cover the Non-PPC Strategies that helped us achieve this. 

Turnkey Product Management scales brands

Non-PPC Strategy #1: Immediately Optimize Your Best-Selling Products

We focused on optimizing and improving the following:

  • Listing copy for best-selling products
  • Infographics, Lifestyle Images, and A+ Content
  • Conducted extensive competitor analysis research, implementing listing copy and infographic/lifestyle image improvement based on what is working for competitors

Non-PPC Strategy #2: Implement the Vine Program for Your Best Selling Products

As buyers on Amazon, we’re no different from our customers. We count on reviews. If there are five products we’re checking out on page one, we’ll look at how many reviews each product has and how good and relevant those reviews are. 

Amazon now offers the Vine program to eligible sellers. That includes new sellers and sellers of products that are lagging behind in sales. It gives them an opportunity to acquire 30 reviews from buyers known as Vine Voices. These reviewers are chosen because of their consistent, insightful reviews on the platform. 

How’d it work? This resulted in increasing the overall review rating from 3.1 to 4.0. Now the product is the #1 best seller and is ranked #1 in the main related sub-category. Sales now average 100-200 per day.

Non-PPC Strategy #3: Keep Your Account Health in Good Standing

Amazon looks favorably on sellers that consistently keep their account health in good standing by focusing primary efforts on the following:

  • Responding to customer messages within 24 hours without exception
  • Inventory management and keeping the IPI score above 550 (in this brand’s case - 680). The best and most basic way to describe the IPI score is based on inventory in and inventory out. Make sure to prevent any of your ASINs from going out of stock, especially your best sellers, and especially during peak times of the year, in this case, Q4.

Non-PPC Strategy #4: Implement All Relevant Promotions

Another powerful strategy is to run different promotions such as Prime Exclusive Discounts, Lightning & 7-Day Deals (when products become eligible), and Coupon Codes. Run them consistently, and especially during peak sales events during the year.

In this brand’s case, we took advantage of the second Prime Day event offered by Amazon and  Pre-Q4 or Holiday sales. So, it is essential to know which events throughout the year are relevant to your brand or product category.

You can also maximize promotions by turning up the volume on PPC. Sponsored Ads will indicate when there’s a promotion, which helps increase the urgency to purchase and increases ad conversion rates.

Non-PPC Strategy #5: Use Strategies Offered By Amazon to Increase Brand Awareness & Followers

  • Amazon Posts
  • Customer Engagement
  • Amazon Attribution
  • Subscribe and Save
  • Brand Analytics
  • A/B Experiments
  • Premium A+ Content

When it comes to growing your brand on Amazon, implementing these growth strategies and combining efforts between your PPC and non-PPC strategies is going to be your key to success. Consistent efforts over time will lead to exponential growth for your brand.

We hope that at least one of the strategies we shared with you resonated with you and that you intend to put it into action to boost your conversion rate. Once implemented, almost all of these strategies can be improved; therefore, keep testing your listing to achieve the highest possible conversion rate.

We want to teach you all of our tricks and tips to help sellers like you succeed, but if you feel that you don’t have the knowledge or expertise on your own, we're here for you!  Visit TurnKey's website, where you can track down free assets and book a free call about how to prepare your business for progress!

Read Part 2 to find out how TurnKey grew this brand even more by scaling with ads.

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