Trying to figure out how to make $10K/month in 90 days? If so, you may already know how crucial this specific milestone is to building a million-dollar business. There's something about the $10K per month mark. Once you cross it, you realize that all you need to do is double down on what's already working to go from a $10K month to a $100K month–the run rate to create a million-dollar brand.’s Ryan Daniel Moran covers this topic in his YouTube video: EXACTLY How to Reach $10,000/Month within 90 Days. In this article, we will break down the foolproof process he shares, so you can get on the fast track to your first $10K month.

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What’s So Special About $10K/Month?

Leaping over the first hurdles to earn $10K/month opens up the possibility of building a million-dollar business. Ryan has experienced this when building his own brands and has witnessed it repeatedly as he guides members of The One Percent, the mentoring community. In The One Percent, students are guaranteed to hit their first $10K within a year, or Ryan buys the business from them for…you guessed it…$10K! 

However, Ryan hasn’t had to buy businesses from students. Why? Because the process of hitting a $10K month is surprisingly simple. It’s about going through the training, following the steps in the curriculum, getting plugged into coaching calls, and taking full advantage of the resources available through The One Percent. As long as students follow through on the steps, they will meet the goal. In fact, at the recent CapCon 6, Ryan and the community celebrated more than 20 students who completed this $10K milestone (and 30 students who hit the $1M milestone).

So your $10K month is absolutely possible–and it’s a vital step to taking your business from a brilliant idea to a seven-figure brand. 

What Does It Take to Achieve $10K/Month?

If you have one product that makes 25 sales a day at a $30 price point, that's $22,500 per month in topline revenue–with just one product. If that's ALL you did, it's enough to have a monthly take-home income of $10K. Even in e-commerce, where profit margins are 30 to 40 percent, 25 sales of a $30 product daily is sufficient to meet your goal. 

So the first $10K/month only requires a handful of sales each day; one or two decent products can help you achieve that income level in your business. Once you understand this, you realize it's right in front of you for the taking. It's not some lofty goal that needs to be way out in the future. It could be 90 days from now. And we have the steps you can take today to get you there. 

But first, before taking action, you need three things:

  1. A good product you believe in 
  2. A group of people who want your stuff (target audience)
  3. A proven process to launch it to them 

Feeling fuzzy about any of these? Keep reading to gain some clarity. 

Choose the Right Product

Choosing a good product comes down to knowing who you are serving. That is, who is your target audience or ideal customer? For example, this person could be moms into CrossFit, dads trying to lose 20 lbs., or entrepreneurs struggling with focus at work. 

Ryan’s target audience is people who have always wanted to be entrepreneurs. He niches down on that audience as far as possible, so he connects with his true customer: entrepreneurs who want more than financial freedom or quick money. Ryan’s ideal customer is the person who is willing to go through a year of hard work to have the life they want as a lifelong entrepreneur, doing things that matter so they can make a positive impact on the world. 

That’s specific, right? 

And that's precisely where you want to go when identifying your target audience– “your person.” Only then can you choose the product to meet your ideal customer's needs. In addition, you need a market that is big enough and some pain point to solve with your product. Once you identify these two things, you can create a product you know will convert your audience. 

Hot Tip: Ryan suggests figuring out what annoys your person. If you can pinpoint what annoys them, you have an idea of what product would be perfect for them. If you need to figure out what that is, there's a training inside The One Percent called the Perfect Product Formula. In this training, Ryan reverse engineers exactly what would be ideal for your person–it's one of the first pieces of training we put people through when they join the community. 

Assemble a Small Group Filled with Your Ideal Customers

Your next step to get to $10K/month in 90 days is to create a group of your ideal customers. Ryan says the best way to do this is through Facebook groups. The benefits of creating a Facebook group include the following:

  • Organic growth - people join the group for free when they find it through Facebook’s algorithm.
  • List building - ask for emails as people join your group so you can develop your list outside of Facebook.
  • Interactive - you can build deep relationships within the group, establishing rapport and trust.

Other opportunities you can leverage through your FB community include Live Q&As and group challenges where people test your products and similar products. Once you engage your community members and they feel like they know you personally, it's much easier to move to the next step (when the money-making happens). 

Implement the “Profitable Product Launch”

When you nurture a loyal following in your group, you can launch products to solve their problems and address their annoyances. Ryan recommends a process he calls the "profitable product launch." This involves segmenting part of your audience into a hot list, essentially an email list of ready-to-buy customers. You give your audience a reason to get in line and be the first to try the product you will launch. If you do this well, you can come right out of the gate with your first $10K month. 

Ryan gives the example of Damien Law, a student of The One Percent, who used the profitable launch strategy to reach his first $10K. Damien had built his community through TikTok content and gathered a hot list of people who were first in line to try his product, a healthy, low-carb nighttime snacking cookie. As a result, Damien sold one thousand units in two weeks before he even had a product ready to ship from the manufacturer. He reached his $10K+ goal with preorders!

You can implement a profitable product launch on Amazon or Kickstarter. Each platform offers some unique benefits:

  • Amazon: The credit card is already on file, and sending people to your listing is easy. Once you start selling, you juice up the algorithm with the sales, giving you a high placement for keywords. Then, as the reviews start coming in, you'll have a regular organic flow of customers. 
  • Kickstarter: The algorithm brings you fresh buyers, and you don’t even need to have the product ready to have a $10K launch. So if you have a 30-day launch and you are getting organic reach, talking about it on social media, and sending it to your hot list, you have a good shot of achieving your first $10K month. 

Maintain 25 Sales Per Day to Earn $10K Every Month

How do you maintain sales after achieving a successful product launch? You'll need at least 25 sales per day to continually bring in $10K monthly, which gets you on your path to a million-dollar business. Ryan says it’s about consistently showing up for your community and getting positive reviews from the people who have purchased from you. 

Here’s what Ryan recommends to maintain and grow sales:

  • Communicate regularly with your hot list.
  • Be active in the community you created.
  • Ask customers to leave reviews and tell others about your product.
  • Screenshot and document every positive review and share it on social media.
  • Reply to every comment and piece of feedback you receive; this includes responding to DMs, collab requests, and any post within your community.
  • Use other social media platforms like TikTok–share what’s happening in your FB group and get the word out in as many places as possible.

According to Ryan, consistently engaging with the people giving you their attention will create a snowball effect–the more you connect with them, the faster the snowball rolls and the larger it becomes. So when you are getting ten reviews, 20 reviews, and then 25 reviews as you are sharing the process on social media and nurturing your community, it becomes easier to reach that $10K month over and over. 

Proof You Can Make Your First $10K in 90 Days

Will following these steps really help you reach your first $10K month in 90 days? Yes! Need proof? Check out these community members who hit their first $10K/month using this same strategy. We celebrated them on stage at CapCon 6.

Click on the links to read their inspiring success stories.


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Once you get started, you may be surprised to discover the first $10K month is not this big, laborious thing. Instead, it's the initial step in the journey to create life-changing wealth that enables you to make the world a better place. Now that you know the process is simple and what the numbers look like to get there, you can see your goal is within reach. You only have to take the first step and then the next. 

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