If you’ve ever asked yourself, “bond investing? What’s that mean?” Well, look no further.

Contributor Glen Rosenberg dives into the nitty gritty details of bond investing in this audio series exclusive. If you’re particularly interested in income investments, this series is for you.

Rosenberg has over a decade of experience in the industry having been licensed with securities since 2001. Now, he represents the GMS Group, a broker-dealer that specializes in municipal bond buying.

And although Rosenberg specializes in municipal bonds, he tackles all things bonds in the series.

Bonds are loans between an individual and an entity such as and a corporation or government. They serve as an IOU in which the borrower is loaned the money at a fixed rate for a defined period of time.

Typically, bonds are worked into a financial portfolio in order to achieve long-term conservative financial goals. But there’s a lot more to bonds than what first meets the eye, and that’s why Glen created this audio series — to educate on this nuanced issue.

According to Rosenberg, there’s a spectrum of income investment opportunities and bonds are only one part of the pie. He stressed that there is a major difference between the mindset of stock investors and that of bond investors, a distinction that Rosenberg suggests is critical to the finance industry.

He outlines to pros and cons of aggressive versus conservative financial portfolios and offensive and defensive bond investment tactics.

As part of a seven-part series, Rosenberg walks us through the basics of bond investments. This informative audio series is a healthy crash course on bonds. You’ll walk away from this series with a working knowledge of bond investments and a better idea for what your next income investment move is going to be.

PART 2 - Spending Your Money: Are You a Stock Investor or a Bond Investor?
PART 3 - How Bonds Fit Into Your Financial Portfolio


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