Whenever an artist, like a musician, creates a work, they create a valuable asset with an income stream called a royalty. Royalties can be bought and sold, and are a unique investment.

If artists want to convert the unrealized value of their royalty stream into present cash, they can sell it on Royalty Exchange, an online marketplace for buying and selling royalties. And today's guest is Jeffrey Schneider, president of Royalty Exchange.

Investors have discovered what great assets royalty producing intellectual property like music can be. And they come to Royalty Exchange to buy those assets.

Listen to the full episode above for details on how investors purchase royalties from artists and the benefits of these investments, as well as the different types of assets available.

I hope that you enjoy our interview with Jeff Schneider. I was fascinated to learn how the streams of income from the music are divided up between the artist and the songwriters, and how those distributions have changed since the advent of online streaming.

If you'd like to learn more about Jeff or Royalty Exchange, please visit RoyaltyExchange.com.

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