How a Self-Made Man Diversifies His Investments

Today’s guest is Nicholas Coriano, who can only be described as a true self-made man.

Nicholas owns Homescape LLC, a holding company for his various investment interests. Which include domain names, and eCommerce development, coins and precious medals, and raw land. Nicholas truly embodies the audience of the Capital Gains podcast.

self-made man, capital gains
Nicholas Coriano squaring off with the bull on Wall St.

Nicholas is someone who hustled and became successful as an entrepreneur. He now invests the proceeds from his business into alternative investments that will one day make him very wealthy.

In this episode of the Capital Gains podcast, Nicholas tells us all about his entrepreneurial and investment journey.

I hope that you enjoy our interview with Nicholas Coriano. If you’d like to reach Nicholas and learn more about what he does you can reach him on Twitter at @NicholasCoriano.

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