There are two types of internet marketers — those who are in it to make the world better, and those who are focused solely on profit.

Internet marketing is a great industry. I should know. I have been in it for a decade.

On this episode of the Freedom Fast Lane podcast, I'm sharing some of the most important takeaways I have learned from my time as an internet marketer, and why you — yes, you, internet marketer — have the power to change the world.

In my time as an internet marketer, I have come across a variety of individuals that are motivated in different ways. From those encounters and that experience, there are really only two types of people who are in this business.

There are internet marketers who entirely believe in what they are doing. They want to fill a specific gap in the marketplace and make our society better in doing so.

You also have the internet marketers who are in the game solely to further their financial goals. There's nothing wrong with that. But I want to say something important to the internet marketers after that sweet payday.

One of the main problems facing our community of internet marketers is the continued fight for people to out-sell and out-perform their competition. It leads some of us to lose sight of our "why."

Why are we in business for ourselves in the first place? To make our world better.

Consider this: The more money you earn, the more likely you will have the ability to create a multi-million dollar business. You'll hire people who can benefit from that employment.

Essentially, as internet marketers (and really entrepreneurs in general), we must focus on building brands that make long-lasting impressions on people. These people are our customers, our investors, and our employees.

Having this mindset for the brand you're bringing to the market can do a lot of benefit for the overall outcomes of the society we live in.

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