Ezra Firestone’s business spent 13 million in advertising and generated 50 million in revenue from one brand in the last 30 months.

He has learned what it takes to scale an offer, which differs from building a brand to 6 figures.

Want to know the commons problems 6 figure + entrepreneurs face and what to do about it? Tune in!


Building a business is tough.

You’re not getting enough sales. Your customer base is either shrinking or non-existent. You feel like you’re miles behind the competition.

Sometimes you think you’re just not cut out to be an entrepreneur.

How do you put your business in the fast lane when you’re always stuck in traffic?

That’s where e-commerce expert Ezra Firestone saves the day.  Here are his tips on how to build audiences and grow sales so that you can beat the competition.

Email: Your secret weapon to grow sales.

Want to grow sales for your business?

Use ads and email.

But people prefer creating a good ad but and put growing their email list on the back burner. 

If you’re not seeing the numbers you want, you might not be leveraging email enough.

Ezra Firestone attributes 34% of his revenue to the three emails he sends his list each week. 

Email is that good.

Ezra Firestone shares two tips on using email to skyrocket sales:

  1. Run an email sale every six weeks. Run email promotions and frequently. If done properly, you should expect 20% to 40% of your revenue from your email sales.
  2. People love GIFs. We love it when GIFs capture our desires and pain points are captured in a clever GIF. Throw GIFs in your email to get people excited about opening your email.

Sales cycles are longer than you think.

Not one week. Not one month. Not even two months.

The sales cycle is now up to ninety days.

It isn’t enough anymore to show your pixeled audience the same ad for a month. You need to start content sequencing.

What does content sequencing look like?

Here’s how Ezra Firestone does it after adding somebody to his pixeled audience:

  • 3-6 days: show a carousel of products
  • 6-10 days: show a video testimonial
  • 10-30 days: show a one-minute video
  • After 30 days: show some images

This is where big brands excel and small brands don’t. Small brands set the retargeting window for 30 days and use only one ad that is no longer effective.

Successful brands engage their prospects long-term by sequencing a variety of ads. 

Ezra Firestone recommends engaging prospects early with a video ad but that raises another problem.

Confused about why nobody finishes your video ad?

The average video watch time on Facebook is 6 to 8 seconds.

Nobody will stick around for longer to hear about your product benefits.

We need to adapt with super short-form videos that pack a punch. In 5 to 15 seconds, you need to connect with your audience and conclude with a call to action.

Use different ads for different social media platforms

Think about it.

Some people only consume Instagram. Some only consume Facebook. Some only consume YouTube.

That means you need to be everywhere.

But you can’t show the same ad across every social media platform. For example, short-form ads are great for Facebook but Instagram TV allows for longer-form content. 

Create an ad strategy for each social media platform.

User-Generated Content: The conversion asset you should start using

Nothing looks better next to your product that a collection of winning reviews and glowing testimonials.

Let the reviews and testimonials grow sales for you.

That’s how Ezra Firestone does it.

If you want more user-generated content, here’s a tip from Ezra Firestone.

Incentive is the name of the game.

It isn’t enough to ask your customer to review your product.

You need to offer an incentive.

Send your customer a $20 gift card to write a review or better: shoot a video review of your product.

It’s like influencer marketing (except these influencers are your customers and they usually don’t have followings).

Good businesses have good employees

Ezra Firestone describes how we need to transition from the driver to the navigator. 

Drivers only see what’s in front of them. Navigators have maps to see miles ahead.

As entrepreneurs, you must always focus on brand direction and scaling your business. Nurturing your employees helps you achieve this.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I create an environment my team looks forward to working in?
  • Am I giving constructive, yet supportive feedback to my team members?
  • Do I give my team the tools they need to hone their craft, whether it’s reading materials or paid courses?

These three areas promote fulfilled employees. Fulfilled employees help you scale your business. Ezra Firestone estimates adding:

  • 2 people to your team achieves low 7-figures
  • 3-7 people, to your team achieves mid 7 -figures
  • 5-12 people to your team achieve 8-figures

Start navigating your business and building your team.

Building a business is worth the struggle.

When you’re building a million dollar brand, there are moments where you want to give up.

It’s easy to feel discouraged by disappointing results but just know that struggle is part of the game.

You’ve learned tips from Ezra Firestone on how to build audiences and grow sales.

But knowledge isn’t enough.

If you want to realize the business you envision, you need to take action.

Start working on your business. 

Start sending more emails.

Start customizing your ads.

Start building your team.

Start today.


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