Establishing a personal connection with customers through retargeting isn't as challenging as it may seem, especially when Ryan Deiss of DigitalMarketer breaks it down in this episode.

Deiss, the CEO of DigitalMarketer, joins Freedom Fast Lane to tell you how important building a rapport with customers through digital marketing is to the health of your business.

Being able to target and understand the ins and outs that digital marketing has to fully offer will allow you to get greater access to your niche and the ideal customers. So, you have to use the internet to reach thousands, even millions, of potential prospects by targeting and retargeting your audiences.

Retargeting or remarketing is a way to help your brand stay top of mind of your potential audience, those who have shown an interest in your offering by engaging with your brand through a website, social channel or email list.

Deiss also points out that in order to properly leverage the outcomes of a successful digital marketing strategy, it should be considered a long term engagement to build the relationship with your customer. Showing an interest in what your customer base has to say and feel about does more good than writing snappy marketing copy.

You have to establish that personal connection in order to build customer relationships which will then translate to brand loyalty. You must want your brand, and your company's public image, to be warm and receivable to the customer. If it isn't, you lose on sales and potential life-long customers.

Learn more about these strategies in digital marketing for entrepreneurs by listening to this episode.

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