In today’s episode, Jeff Lieber from TurnkeyProduct Management shares one of the most inexpensive ways to drive traffic on the Internet he has seen in the past few years.

Want to put your Amazon-sanctioned giveaway on steroids? Tune in for Jeff’s tips.


You want to engage your customers with free Amazon giveaways but there’s one problem.

It can cost a lot.

You can’t afford regular Amazon giveaways because it subtracts from your bottom line.

But what if I told you there’s a way to offer Amazon giveaways and still make money?

That’s right. 

Profitable Amazon giveaways.

Still skeptical? Here’s what happened when we did it using simple tips we’ll share shortly.

The framework:

  • Two-month period
  • 8 giveaways
  • 24 products

What happened:

  • Gave away 6 of the 24 products 
  • Each product costed about $130

Final results:

  • Spent about $1,000 over two months
  • Generated nearly $9,500 in income
  • 176,000 YouTube video views
  • 123,000 web page visits

No need for double takes. You read that right:

We spent $1,000 in Amazon giveaways and brought in $9,500 in revenue.

And it’s not a miracle. You too can use PROFITABLE Amazon giveaways to beat the competition on Amazon.

Back to Basics: How to Create an Amazon Giveaway

  1. Go to the Promotions page on Amazon
  2. Under “Giveaways” click Create
  3. Find the product listing for your giveaway
  4. Click Set Up Giveaway
  5. Enter the quantity of prizes for your giveaway 
  6. Enter your company information and logo 
  7. Under “Select your giveaway type” select Lucky Number Instant Win
  8. Under “Select a rule for winning,” choose the highest number of entrants (less giveaways = less costs)
  9. Under “Require entrants to” select Watch a YouTube video
  10. Click Validate
  11. Under “Offer a discount to entrants” select Yes
  12. Enter your discount Promotion ID 
  13. Under “Discoverability” select Public
  14. Click Next
  15. Preview your giveaway page
  16. Click Continue
  17. Follow the instructions to pay for your Amazon giveaway
  18. Pat yourself on the back. You’re done!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Not sold by our results? Or maybe the work involved seemed overwhelming. If you’re still hesitant, this section is for you.

Is this legit?

Absolutely. Amazon has already created a brand that buyers trust and the entire giveaway process is conducted on their platform.

Also, Amazon approves and encourages this (they have a page dedicated to giveaways).

What if I don’t have amazing video editing skills to make YouTube videos?

You don’t need to be a genius video editor to learn how to create a valuable pre-sale Amazon video.

It can be as simple as creating a slideshow of your product images on Microsoft PowerPoint.. Narrate it with your product’s selling points and you have a winning video.

Why should I offer discounts for the entrants who didn’t win?

Generate sales!

Let’s say 1 of every 2,000 entrants wins your free Amazon giveaway. That means you have 1,999 people interested in your product because they chose your giveaway.

Combine a discount code with your amazing presale video and you can convert that entrant into a buyer.

Supercharge Your Amazon Giveaway Strategy With These Tips on Steroids

#1. Remarket to your YouTube viewers

Link your YouTube channel to your Google Ads account to create retargeting ads for entrants who view your Amazon giveaway video.

Continue showing personalized ads to entrants who didn’t immediately buy your product.

BONUS TIP: Even if you’re not ready to run ads, start collecting data now. When you’re ready to execute your YouTube marketing strategy and start running ads, you now have a pixel audience to target.

#2. Captivate with an unforgettable opener

To enter your giveaway, entrants need to watch only 15 seconds of your presale video.

That means you have only 15 seconds to sell your product.

Skip flashy and irrelevant introductions and dive into why they need your product.

#3.  Add annotations to drive traffic

Annotations are great for driving traffic to your website. If you direct them to a squeeze or landing page, you open another opportunity to sell your product and collect their email address.

BONUS TIP: Boost your Facebook advertising game by adding your website visitors to your Facebook pixel audience!

#4 Increase value with a complementary product

A complementary product people already love can increase your giveaway’s marketing value.

If your giveaway is a toothbrush, include a tube of Crest toothpaste. Since Crest is a beloved household staple, it boosts your product’s perceived value.

Use Amazon to Boost Your Business

Amazon is a leading online retailer and is becoming the go-to platform for expanding your business.

But Amazon giveaways is just one strategy to grow your brand into a profitable business.

There’s a wealth of strategies that can help you generate revenue in the 7-figure and 8-figure range using Amazon..

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, then this is for you.

Our friends at Turnkey Product Management are dishing proven growth strategies on boosting your sales on Amazon.


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