Bruce Friedrich is leading food industry disruption by making plant-based meat palatable to the masses — a healthy option in an industry that has suffered from poor beef processing methods.

Bruce exemplifies our belief that capitalists who combine purpose and profit motives can achieve success, generating solutions to our problems and wealth at the same time. That's exactly why we invited him to speak at this December's Capitalism Conference in Austin, Texas.

As a founding partner of New Crop Capital and the executive director of The Good Food Institute, Bruce sees the opportunity to disrupt an industry and deliver a product the consumers are asking for - profitably.

Businesses like Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods and Memphis Meats are participating in this food industry disruption, having debuted plant based alternative meats to meet this growing demand for clean meat.

These businesses have raised millions of dollars. They've garnered the attention of high-powered investors such as Bill Gates. And they are being eyed for acquisition by companies like Google.

Like Tesla’s advances in automotive technology, Bruce is leading the advances in plant-based meats technology.

Where Bruce wants to have the biggest impact in his disruption is in the inefficiencies that exist within the current system. Why spend 8 times as much to produce X when you can achieve the same result with a fraction of the cost?

This is highlighted well in a recent talk on how markets and food technology will save the world:

YouTube video

When individuals with passion and purpose realize the power of business to achieve that goal, the results are incredible.

If you are a person with a mission in life and want to achieve that purpose, then you need to meet Bruce. He's joins a lineup that includes Kimbal Musk, an active board member at Tesla and SpaceX; Brian Lee, serial eCommerce entrepreneur including LegalZoom and The Honest Company; and many more.

The Capitalism Conference is a three-day experience that assembles the world’s wealthiest brand builders, investors, ecommerce experts, and online entrepreneurs into one room. Together, we explore what is working now and what is coming down the pipeline for business owners.

You will be mentored by those on the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurship while you network and download actionable strategies to grow, hire, build and invest.

Follow the trail that has been blazed by Peter Diamandis, Gary Vaynerchuk, Robert Herjavec, John Mackey, and others by reserving your spot at The Capitalism Conference.


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