Republican Rep. Thomas Massie changed his vote on the American Health Care Act.

Representative Massie snapped a photo of his vote and shared with his Twitter fans today along with an apology, "Sorry if I let you down."

How did he vote on the Obamcare replacement?

That's right. Representative Massie changed his vote from "no" to "hell no." We couldn't agree more. The AHCA is not a free market solution, and does not allow small insurers to compete with mega insurers that are essentially in bed with government.

The American Health Care Act, as it stands today, is a terrible replacement for Obamacare. Representative Massie shared his thoughts on AHCA with the Washington Examiner last week.

From the interview:

I think it's a stinking pile of garbage.

I think it was written by the same people that wrote Obamacare; that's why it looked so similar - the insurance lobby.

Shortly after coming to Congress, maybe six months after coming to Congress so, that would have been four years ago, roughly, after meeting with Eric Cantor and sitting through some GOP conferences, I came home one week and told my wife, "If Eric Cantor were cleaning his office, deep cleaning, and he moved the desk and found a button on the wall down low that said 'repeal Obamacare,' not only would he not push it, he would hide it with his desk again."

That's how much they don't want to repeal Obamacare.

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