How Rod Khleif Built a $50 Million Net Worth After Losing It All In The 2008 Crash

It takes a certain amount of drive to recover from the loss of an 800 property portfolio.

But after the 2008 crash, that’s exactly what happened to Rod Khleif when he faced losing everything he had created – his dream life at the time.

After everything was turned on its head, Rod pulled himself up by his bootstraps and rebuilt his empire. He did it by using the same goal setting techniques he had used to get him where he was before 2008 and successfully built his real estate empire a second time.

Today, Rod shares his journey and the step-by-step formula he uses to set goals and achieve the life he dreams of. Tune in to learn how you can apply it to your life and attain success in your life – whatever that means to you.

Key takeaways:

  • Having the right mindset is essential for success
  • Put time into determining what you want to do in life
  • Rod’s formula for achieving your life goals

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