Why We Are Capitalists

We are capitalists.

We are a think tank for entrepreneurs who are creating wealth and creating jobs, who are living life differently, and who are solving the world’s biggest challenges. We know that government and politicians cannot and will not make this world a better place. We cannot tax our way into prosperity and we cannot regulate our way to progress.

When we give up freedom to get equality, we lose both. It is our responsibility to create wealth and raise standards of living, and entrepreneurship and innovation is the only way to address healthcare, climate change, poverty, homelessness, equality, and even racism and war.

We are fighting against expanding government, lying politicians, and the voices who say that wealth and business is evil. Because we know that it is our job to create change in this world.

We take risks.

We create jobs.

We tackle big problems. And we succeed on our own merits.

When we see problems, we address them head on. And, yes, that’s what we get paid to do. We have problems in this world. People are hurting. Not everyone has a fair shot. And the media and the government would love for you to believe that they hold the answers and you don’t.

They tell you that success is bad, and that businesses are only out for themselves. But it is government that makes greed and corruption possible. And it is up to us to fight for freedom and to create our own destinies.

They say that we have problems that are impossible to tackle on our own. But entrepreneurs are going after them every day. It’s happening through freedom. It’s happening through entrepreneurship.

It’s happening through capitalism.

We are the best shot that we have at creating the world that we want for ourselves, and for our families, and for the entire world.

We are capitalists. And we create the change!


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