This article was contributed by Jeff Lieber and his team from TurnKey Product Management, an Amazon marketing agency. With over 12 years of Amazon experience, over 150K products sold, and over 8-figures in revenue made for our clients each year, we are uniquely positioned to help brands scale their sales on Amazon through a variety of services: full-service management, Amazon PPC management, 1-on-1 coaching, standard operating procedures, online trainings and more.

Part One of this series demonstrated that creating a video for your product or brand can be as simple as pulling out your cell phone and telling your target market a great story for no cost! We cover a variety of ways to make effective videos in that article if you missed it. However, creating a compelling video has little use if it is not placed in front of the people who are meant to see it. Luckily, there are a number of places where you can effectively share your new piece of content. When done correctly, a single video shoot can be used for years to come in a dozen ways both on and off Amazon!

Where To Place Your Videos On Amazon

Placing your video on Amazon just makes sense. Customers are already there ready to purchase products and your video could be the deciding factor between them selecting your product over your competitor’s. Amazon has a number of ways for you to get your video in front of the buying public. These include:

  • YOUR IMAGE BLOCK: If your Seller Central account happens to be Brand Registered (which should be a priority for every Amazon seller), then this is the first place that you should add your video. Your cinematic masterpiece will appear as the last image in the block. While you will have to give up one of your images, this is more than worth it if your customers will get a chance to hear about your brand or see your product in action!
  • YOUR AMAZON STOREFRONT: This is another option for the Brand Registered seller (we’re serious get Brand Registered). In addition to having a centralized location for your customers to discover all of the amazing products you have to offer, you can further impress them with a video that identifies and solves the pain points they are facing. BONUS: You can add multiple videos to the storefront, giving you even more reason to continue to create content! 
  • AMAZON GIVEAWAY: By far, Amazon Giveaway is one of our favorite marketing tools on Amazon. For the price of one of your products, you can have thousands of Amazon buyers watch a YouTube video of your choice in the hopes of winning the offered product. This can all be set up on and run by Amazon. As an additional perk, you can offer a promo code for viewers who do not win the main prize. Here is an example of the results one of our clients experienced over the course of two months using Amazon Giveaway:
    giveaway results

Another great perk of Amazon Giveaway is that you can add a call-to-action link within your YouTube video that will help you connect with customers off of Amazon. We provide the standard operating procedure for how to complete this strategy for free at our website:

  • AMAZON VIDEO ADS:  Gain placement in Amazon’s video content or supercharge your display ads by opting to add your video to the site via Amazon Advertising. This option is a great way to gain potential customers’ attention and get your product and brand seen by a larger audience on Amazon. To be eligible for Amazon Video Ads you must be an Amazon DSP user. This is currently an invite-only program. Typically, DSP members must have a budget of $35,000 for their ad campaigns. This is a relatively new program so Amazon is still working out the kinks. However, we are hopeful they will make this service more accessible in the future. 
  • VIDEO SHORTS: How-to and product feature videos will feel right at home as part of the Video Shorts section on Amazon. In addition to a dedicated page for these videos, shorts also appear on your product listing in the Related Video Short section. The one catch is that sellers cannot upload this video type. It can only be done by customers or certain third-party providers like
  • A+ DETAIL PAGE: Be sure to take advantage of your ability to add video to your A+ Detail page if Amazon has the option for your account.
    product video

Where To Place Your Videos On Amazon

Now that you’ve maximized the reach of your video on the Amazon platform, you can begin to expand your horizons and connect with potential customers in the different places that they frequent online. The more touchpoints (independent interactions in various settings) you have with your customers, the greater the likelihood that they will choose to give you their business. Here are some excellent places to interact with your ideal customers away from Amazon:

  • ORGANIC SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS: Whether you prefer Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or any other popular social media outlets, give your followers something to retweet, share, and like by uploading your video there. 
  • YOUTUBE ADS: Take advantage of the traffic you gained through your Amazon Giveaway by running retargeting ads for your giveaway entrants. Due to the relative newness of YouTube’s advertising platform (which means cheaper ad costs) and a more gracious policy on what constitutes a video view (which means customers have to watch more of your video before you are charged for it compared to platforms such as Facebook), YouTube is an excellent use of your advertising dollars. TIP: Have pixeling set up on your YouTube video prior to running the Amazon Giveaway, this will help you grow your YouTube list.) 
  • FACEBOOK ADS: In addition to boosting your Facebook video posts to your followers, use your Amazon customer list to create Facebook audiences! Facebook is able to match your Amazon customer list to user profiles so that you can retarget them on the social media platform. You can also use that data to create lookalike audiences which will help you reach a larger number of people who could potentially be interested in purchasing your product. We have training on this on our website 
  • INSTAGRAM STORY SWIPE UP: If you have cultivated your Instagram following to the point where you have 10K or more followers, then you should definitely be taking advantage of Instagram’s Swipe Up feature. This allows you to include a call to action (visiting your Amazon listing, for example) in your Instagram stories that your followers can activate by simply swiping up on their screen. You may have to shorten your video a bit to do so, but the benefits are exponential. 
  • EMAIL MARKETING: One of our favorite off Amazon marketing strategies is the use of funnels to collect customer emails. Depending on the content of your video, it can be used on the landing page to entice your customers to take advantage of your offer, or if the video adds a lot of value, it can serve as the gift or reward prospects receive after they have entered their information. 
  • BLOG ARTICLES: If you really want to step it up a notch, consider writing an article that focuses on the content covered in the video and post both the article and the video on your blog or as a guest feature on a blog of any companies with whom you have a partnership. 
  • YOUR WEBSITE: Last, but certainly not least, placing your video on your website is a no-brainer. Customers will appreciate the additional content and you’ll be able to further convey why they should be doing business with you. If you have product pages such as on, you can feature the product video just as you would on Amazon!

As you can see, videos have a plethora of uses both on and off of Amazon. If you are interested in learning more about how to implement any of the suggestions in this article, feel free to reach out to us.  We at TurnKey Product Management will be more than happy to help you achieve your goals. Video advertising is one of the next big things in marketing and is currently grossly underutilized by most companies who do business on Amazon. Taking some time to create and distribute videos now will help to ensure that you are not losing out on sales and playing catch up in the future.