Tekashi69 quickly rose to fame, becoming one of the world's most famous (and controversial) rappers, but dabbling on the wrong side of the law cost him a fortune. So how rich is the rapper? This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Tekashi69's net worth, earnings, and prison time.

A hit single catapulted this rapper to #12 on the US Billboard Hot 100. But his quick rise to fame had an equally fast and tumultuous fall. Tekashi69, aka 6ix9ine, wowed fans with his hard-hitting rhymes and rainbow aesthetic. However, he lost it all after some unfortunate and highly illegal decisions. Tekashi69's story shows that you can lose millions in the blink of an eye, no matter how talented, hard-working, or popular you are.

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6ix9ine Net Worth:$500 thousand
Real Name:Daniel Hernandez
Date of Birth:May 8, 1996
Birthplace:Brooklyn, NYC, USA
Gender: Male
Height:5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
Source of Wealth:Rapper
Best-Known For:Rainbow Style, Aggressive Raps, and Countless Legal Issues

What is 6ix9ine's net worth?

Despite the rapper's massive success, 6ix9ine's net worth for 2023 is only around $500,000. Some forecast his net worth should be between $8-$10 million. But legal fees and prison time significantly reduced this amount.

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Who is Tekashi69?

Born on May 8, 1996, Daniel Hernandez didn't grow up in the lap of luxury. His mother, Natividad Perez-Hernandez, was a local factory worker and house cleaner in Brooklyn. She immigrated to the United States from Mexico, hoping to find a better life.

Daniel didn't meet his father until he was nine. Daniel Hernandez, Sr. was a heroin addict. And instead of raising her children with a drug addict, Natividad told Daniel and his brother that he was dead. Unfortunately, Daniel's stepfather was gunned down in front of the family's home.

After his stepfather's murder, money was tight, and Daniel often went to bed hungry. He began acting out in school, getting expelled in the 8th grade.

A Rising Rap Star

A chance encounter with Peter "Righteous P" Rodgers inspired Daniel to start rapping in 2012. He uploaded his original recordings to SoundCloud and YouTube. His unique colorful aesthetic—including rainbow hair and multi-colored grill—and aggressive rhymes garnered attention in the music industry.

Daniel adopted the stage name Tekashi69, raising eyebrows everywhere. Critics assumed it referenced a popular sex position, but he denied these rumors. He claimed "Tekashi" comes from Japanese anime, and 69 refers to the yin-yang digits.

In 2017, Tekashi69 released his debut single, "GUMMO." It peaked at #12 on the US Billboard Hot 100, skyrocketing his career. The video has over 429 million views on YouTube. Tekashi69 was on the road to unbelievable success and equally incredible wealth.

A Falling Rap Star

But great success didn't shield Tekashi69 from the law. In 2018, a jury sentenced him to 37 years for racketeering. However, a federal judge reduced the sentence to only two years in exchange for snitching on other gang members. He began serving time in late 2019.

And even behind bars, Tekashi69 continued making music. A judge released him after only six months due to the heightened risk of the coronavirus pandemic.

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What are the sources of income of Tekashi69?

Legal fees wiped out 6ix9ine's bank account. But before his conviction, the rapper was on his way to earning a fortune. Here's how:


Most of Tekashi69's income comes from his music. Right before his sentencing, he signed a $10 million deal with 10k Projects to produce two albums. (But that deal fell through.)


Fashion Nova signed a six-figure deal with Tekashi69 to include a lyric referencing the fast-fashion brand in his song, "MAMA."

Video Streaming:

In 2020, Tekashi 6ix9ine told TMZ he signed a $5 million contract for an hour-long live-streamed show. He was legally confined to his home at the time.

Earnings from Shows:

Rapper 6ix9ine earned $500,000 for a 40-minute show in Turkey. He performed for a sold-out crowd of 15,000.

Tekashi 6ix9ine FAQs

How did Tekashi69 become famous?

Tekashi69's career took off after he released "GUMMO," his debut song. He went on to record with other famous artists, like Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Offset, Tory Lanez, and Young Thug. But his eclectic style, rainbow teeth, and bold tattoos helped him become an online meme and internet sensation.

What rap songs has Tekashi69 released?

6ix9ine has released three albums, including two studio albums and one mixtape. His most popular rap songs are:

  • "ZAZA" (2021)
  • "TROLLZ" (2020)
  • "GOOBA" (2020)
  • "FEFE" (2018)
  • "GOTTI" (2018)
  • "TATI" (2018)
  • "69" (2017)
  • "YOKAI" (2017)
  • "GUMMO" (2017)

How much is 6ix9ine's net worth?

Wondering what is 6ix9ine's net worth? After all his legal woes, court costs, and fines, the rapper has a net worth of $500,000 (maybe less).

Paperwork from a civil lawsuit claims Tekashi69 is broke. He told the judge, "Right now, I am struggling to make ends meet. I do not know if I will ever command the kind of advances I was paid before my arrest and my career stalled."

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What were Tekashi69's racketeering charges?

Authorities charged Tekashi69 with gang-related racketeering. The initial charges included firearm possession, assault with a weapon, armed robbery, and attempted murder.

What type of grills does Tekashi69 own?

Paparazzi most often photograph Tekashi69 wearing a rainbow-plated grill. But he recently traded his colorful teeth for something a bit more traditional. Jeweler Johnny Dang designed the rapper a $45,000 grill featuring 18-karat white gold with 585 white diamonds.

How much money did Tekashi69 make from his debut mixtape?

No one knows for sure how much money Tekashi69 earned from his mixtape. But in 2018, his net worth was an impressive $8 million.

What type of jewelry does Tekashi69 have?

The rapper loves wearing flashy chains and iced-out pendants. His priciest piece is a 'My Little Pony' diamond chain worth $95K.

What was Tekashi69's plea deal?

In 2019, 6ix9ine struck a deal with prosecutors. In exchange for a shorter sentence, the rapper testified against the Nine Trey Gangsta Blood gang. He helped convict Aljermiah Mack and Anthony Ellison.

This unprecedented plea deal reduced Tekashi69's 37-year sentence to only two years.

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What charities has Tekashi69 donated to?

Tekashi69 pledged to donate $200,000 to No Kid Hungry. But the organization refused the gift. A spokesperson stated, "We have a policy of refusing donations from contributors whose actions conflict with our goal and ideals since we are a campaign that focuses on children."


Tekashi69 (aka 6ix9ine) was a hot up-and-coming rapper. His rhymes rocked the industry, and he was on the road to unbelievable wealth and success. But the rapper's shady past and criminal colleagues caught up with him. After doing time behind bars and paying enormous legal fees, Tekashi69's net worth fell to $500,000.

6ix9ine's story might be as colorful as his hair, but it should also serve as a warning to others. There's no room for criminals or violence in society. And those who break the law will pay for their mistakes—both with their time and money.

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