“Cha-ching!” “Cha-ching!” “Cha-ching!” That’s Shopify’s notification sound when you make a sale.

But it might as well be saying, “I told you so, hubby!”

It happens multiple times every single night while Bea Nahuz of MenFirst is sleeping - immediately waking her husband up. But he’s not one bit mad about it.

Bea lives in Miami. For two years, she ran a high-end boutique real estate brokerage that was heavy on the white-glove service. Clients paid small fortunes for luxe properties. As the brokerage racked up $20M years, the commissions were nice… very nice. But the hours? Well, Bea found that she was pretty much at their beck and call. Money without freedom sucks. Especially when you’ve got a little one at home.

On June 12, 2019, Bea launched MenFirst so she could make money while she sleeps. Kinda the dream, right? Every entrepreneur on the planet wants that.

But Bea made it happen. She wanted to create a business that was online and that followed the three simple rules she had in mind: price point of less than $20, something that makes a visible difference for her customers, and something suitable for a subscription model.

With those rules in mind, when a friend of hers purchased a men’s hair color brand, she had a great idea. He’d launch in Brazil and serve all of South America; she’d launch in the US and serve North America. This brand checked all the boxes. Plus, the product development had already been done. When he asked what experience she had, she said, “None. But I can do it.”

Do it, she did. MenFirst has crossed seven figures this year. 

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Of course, Bea still had work to do - it’s not like she was handed a turnkey business. She figured out labeling, shipping, trademarks, and more. 

But she’d already learned a lot from owning a clothing brand for 12 years. That brand was manufactured in Brazil and imported to the US. Bea had it in eight retail locations in South Florida, sold worldwide, and ended up in Nordstrom. As that brand took off, Bea found herself traveling every week. She sold that brand in 2008 before getting into real estate.

After succeeding in two businesses that shackled her to the calendar, it’s no wonder that Bea dreamed of taking a business to seven figures while working part-time and not having employees. Her husband, though, was skeptical. At least until his zzz’s started being punctuated by “cha-ching!” all through the night. Bea told him, “I’m going to do it. Trust me.” Now he does.

That doesn’t mean it’s been easy. Especially when you consider this little monkey wrench in the marketing machine. You might think the primary buyers for men’s hair coloring products would be their wives. What Bea’s discovered is that many of these wives are playing a little game. “Oh, you look good gray!” they tell hubby. But what they’re not saying out loud is, “Stay gray. Get fat, too. I don’t want to have to worry about you cheating on me.” So most of her customers buy it for themselves. They love that it’s a far less ‘chemically’ formula and that it works gradually, so it’s not like a Grecian Formula “in your face” color change that would make them feel self-conscious.

While 75% of her sales come from Amazon, she’s still managed to get about 25K customers on her mailing list. Before Bea joined the Capitalism Incubator, she hadn’t really talked with any of those customers. Well, except for her dad.

“There you go! Go talk to your customers,” Stan coached her. 

“You’re right. Dammit,” Bea answered, knowing her days of being behind the scenes were done. As a brand owner who’s aiming for an 8-figure exit in 2025, talking with customers is crucial - and it’ll help her grow the business bigger, faster. Bea’s already got multiple ideas for what she’ll do next. Like most of us, there’s no shortage of ideas. We have to put blinders on to stay on track with what we’re doing now.

Meanwhile, Bea’s learning big lessons that’ll help her brand get huge. Chief among them is a shift in her mindset regarding using money to get the best help available. Since she self-funded Men First, she prioritized thriftiness. Because she wasn’t willing to pay much, Bea’s discovered that she ultimately limited the results her service providers could get for her. 

“I was very budget conscious about bringing people on to work with me. If I don’t want to invest in the people working with me, it’s going to be harder to grow. In Brazil, it’s different - you want to squeeze as much as you can out of them for the price you’re paying. In the past three months, I’ve completely shifted because of what I’ve learned in the Incubator. Now I know that for me to grow, my team needs to grow, and I need to help everyone who’s working for me.”

Oh, that’s smart!

Bea’s got smart advice to pass along to you, too. It’s this: “Do it. Don’t wait until tomorrow. Create something. The longer you wait, the more competition there’s going to be. There’s no reason why you can’t do it. If you don’t have a product to sell, create something. It means freedom - freedom to do whatever you want from wherever you’re at.”

That ought to give you some sweet dreams, too.


Bea Nahuz is an inspiration! We'll keep following her on her journey, and updating you as she continues to grow her brand.

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