Gather round the campfire, folks. It’s time to tell you the legend of Alan “Tenacious” Thompson, a man with a horse-sized passion for equine products. (OK, it’s possible some of us have become obsessed with Yellowstone.) Alan’s not talking about just any run-of-the-mill horse gear, folks. No, sir. Alan is all about the American-made, red, white, and blue premium quality stuff that would make any trail rider giddy with excitement.

With his brand Roan Creek Equine, Alan is on a mission to bring high-quality equine products back to the States. And he's not just talking the talk, folks. He's walking the walk, or should we say, riding the ride. With over 30 years of horse life under his belt, Alan knows a thing or two about what his fellow equine enthusiasts want.

Talk to Your People

He’s not guessing, folks. After all, he went through the Capitalism Incubator. So he knows a little something about creating a brand that can lead to a multi-million-dollar exit. Alan got a booth at the Iowa Horse Fair last year primarily to talk to his people, to find out what they want that they can’t get, to find out how he can serve them. And they let him know. Then he made it.

But it hasn't been an easy road for Alan. Manufacturing in the US isn't cheap, especially when it comes to sewing. And Alan's first product, a horn bag, involves a lot of stitching. He reached out to dozens of manufacturers, getting rejected left and right. Most outsource hand-sewing overseas for cheap labor. But did he give up? Hell no. This guy's like a pit bull on a rump roast. He just kept going and going until he found the right manufacturer. When Alan sets his mind on something, he's unstoppable. That's just one of the things that makes him such a badass entrepreneur. He's got grit, determination, and a whole lot of heart. But he's also not afraid to ask for help.

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At the Fair

Alan's brand made its debut at the Iowa Horse Fair trade show this year, and the response was nothing short of thrilling. People were excited about his products, eager to get their hands on that premium quality gear. And who can blame them? It’s like giving your saddle a pocket.

But Alan isn't just all talk and no action. He's been actively building his brand, engaging with customers on Facebook, and growing his email list. He's even hired some folks to help him out with the website and writing stuff. And let's not forget about his excellent storytelling skills. Every time he tells his brand's story, people just can't help but take notice.

Speaking of products, Alan has big plans for the future. His next venture will be saddlebags, complementing the hornbag that hangs on the front of the saddle. And who knows where his customers will take him from there?

For now, Alan’s self-funded. Well, unless you count the $1,000 check his 85-year-old dad sent him to use toward launching his brand. Dad’s still kicking it as the owner of a kitchen remodeling business in Minneapolis. He's not in the office every day, winters in Florida, and  spends a lot of his time fishing in northern Minnesota. At 64, Alan’s got the perfect example of what those “sunset years” can really be.

Alan's not just in it for the money. Sure, he wants to build his brand and eventually take an exit, but he's also passionate about serving his community. He knows there are people out there who want nothing to do with Chinese-made equine products, and he's here to serve them. He's all about listening to his customers, finding out what they want, and giving it to them.


In the end, it's Alan's perseverance, determination, and heart that make him a true inspiration. He's faced obstacles that would make most people throw in the towel, but he's still standing tall. His passion for horses and American-made products is evident in everything he does, and we can't wait to see where his journey takes him next.

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