38 years ago, Ali Manouchehri lost his dad. Ali was 11. You can imagine how painful this loss was for him, compounded by some drastic life changes that happened as a result. You can also imagine why he’d vow never to have kids of his own. Fatherhood = Inevitable Pain in his mind.

Ali was upfront with his wife when they were looking at making a life together. He’d do anything and everything to give her what she wanted in life… but not kids. He just couldn’t get past the suffering and pain he’d experienced in family life.

After a while, Ali started doing a lot of personal development work and began to consider that maybe those 11 years with his dad were a beautiful gift filled with memories that will never leave him. He began to wonder what might happen if he changed his perspective. 

What if that hard experience brought him to where he was in life? What if it all shaped him and prepared him for something special - a mission he’d be uniquely and perfectly suited to carry out? And what if… fatherhood could be the most joy-filled experience of his life yet? 

When Ali was 48, he became a first-time father. 

Up until then, Ali had been a serial entrepreneur who’s launched, run, and sometimes closed multiple businesses over the past couple of decades. He now had an even greater ‘why’ for building a great business. But now he also wanted it to be truly meaningful, impacting people’s lives in a big way.

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Ali joined the Capitalism Incubator with a business idea in mind. But it wasn’t really feeling like a fit. Could he be interested enough in any of his ideas to follow through for the next couple of years? Ehhhh, no.

So, he took some time off, spent time alone in nature, and asked himself, “Is there even anything special about me? What could I share with other people?” When nothing came to mind, he wondered, “Well, maybe I’m just a random guy who ended up where he is? Maybe there’s nothing all that special about me after all.” 

Then it hit him. Becoming a father late in life is pretty unique. He’s not the only man on the planet to have his first child in his 40’s but it’s definitely not the norm. Older dads have some different concerns and needs. They can’t get away with sitting on the sofa eating Cheetos… they’ve got to take care of themselves so they’ll be around for all the big moments in their children’s lives. They need help.

As someone who’s been dedicated to healthy eating, regular exercise, meditating, ice baths, fire walking, and everything else you can categorize under “healthy lifestyle,” Ali knew he could help other late in life dads. So, he started having conversations with them. What challenges were they facing? How could he help? Did they even want help? 

They did! So, Ali started building a Facebook community, reaching out to dads one by one. These conversations inspired Unshakable Dads, a brand serving older dads and helping them stay healthy physically and mentally so they can be there for their families. 

The first product is Morning Boost, an energy booster that provides testosterone support and helps men stay energized throughout the day. It’s good, clean stuff - no caffeine, sugar, or soy. (Did you know that caffeine is not kind to testosterone levels?)

While Ali’s based in Switzerland, his brand is launching in the US and serves men all over the world (mostly the US, UK, and EU). Amazon may come later. So far, he’s self-funded; all those years of being a successful business owner have made it possible to get started. At some point, he’ll seek investors.

Ali’s on a mission. Talk with him even for a few minutes, and it’s clear that he’s all-in on the dads he’s serving. He says, “This is not about me. I’m on a mission. I have a duty to serve these men. I can’t give up even when things get difficult or I get frustrated.” 

Now that he’s essentially got two babies to raise, what’s his vision for the brand? He’ll build a community and continue creating products to help his dads. There will be live events so they can meet face-to-face and support each other. He’ll help them with their physical and mental health. By giving these dads the support they need, he can impact generations to come. “This is something I would give my life for,” he says.

Long-term, will he stick or will he sell? That’s TBD. Ali says, “I’m building this because I feel a calling to do it. I also know it’s not about me. So at some point, if I am no longer the right person to serve this community, I will happily remove myself and bring in someone who can serve them better. But for now, I know I’m the right person to push everything forward.”

Want some fatherly advice? Ali says, “If you feel like maybe there’s nothing unique about you, it may be because your gifts and talents are so natural to you that you can’t see them. Every single person has something that makes them unique - not perfect, unique. You can use that to help others and make a positive difference in their lives. We’re not on planet Earth to just go from the starting point to the finish line. We are here to make a positive impact and to leave this place better than we found it.”


We're so proud of Ali Manouchehri and the way he's building a brand that makes the world a better place. This business also has the potential to create generational wealth - just as we teach in our coaching programs.

Stay tuned and we'll update you on Ali's progress on the road to $1 million.

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