The man behind Fit Body Bootcamp is not just your regular hotshot fitness guru. He is the entrepreneur, a fitness trainer, an author, and the high-performance business consultant. He is Bedros Keuilian. We rarely see any businessman smartly juggling two different businesses that are far apart. But Bedros Keuilian runs his fitness industry and business consultancy hand in hand.  Today, Bedros Keuilian's net worth is $200million.

He is a genius and mastermind who has helped many businesses flourish in the marketplace. He has helped several of his clients, from paying off their debt to building a seven-figure generating empire.

Bedros migrated to America with hardly any money. Bedros, as a deprived kid, fed himself out of the dumpster and didn't know any English back then. Here's the detail about his early life, career and of how he keeps his fitness camps and businesses running so well.

Early life

Bedros Keuilian was born on 22nd of July 1974, in Armenia. Back then, Armenia was under the Soviet Union control. Bedros was the youngest in his family. Life wasn't easy in the communal state. He used to find market shelves empty. Authorities often raided his house and neighborhood for smuggled goods. Bedros Keuilian family lived under fear and distrust of communism.

Bedros says that he’s thankful for witnessing such conditions. His tough childhood helped build the perspective he needed for life. His father worked as a tailor for the communist party officials.  Bedros Keuilian family conditions were better than the rest of the people living there. But with time, his father grew sick of the communal oppression and low standards of living. He then decided to migrate.

Bedros Keulian’s family migrated to America when he was only six. The conditions grew worse. His father had to bribe the government for 25,000 rubble to let them migrate. Migrating from Armenia cost them almost all the money they had. With only had a few hundred dollars, the family did not have enough to meet the family’s needs. They persevered, getting food and clothes from the recyclers and dumpsters.

Making It In America

His father built a tiny tailor shop, and they eventually found a place to live. Like most immigrants, Bedros and his family suffered through the hostile behavior of the people around. Bedros faced bullying and teasing at his school as a foreign kid. He faced self-esteem issues and had no real friends.

The turning point in Bedros early life came in his high-schools’ sophomore year. He befriended Darren- a boy from his football team. He asked Darren to help him get in shape so he could ask his crush out to the prom. Darren trained him and told him how to eat right.

Bedros, who grew up eating out form dumpster and the neighborhood’s leftover, was turned into an obese kid. He strictly followed Darren’s advice. Over the summer vacation’s time, he lost nearly 30 pounds and came back to school completely transformed.

Bedros then found himself passionate about health and fitness. He’s grateful to Darren, who helped him found his passion, which laid his career’s foundation.

Bedros Keuilian Net Worth

Pictured: Bedros, pre-tattoos

Early Career

Bedros, in his early twenties, started his career as a personal trainer. He opened up his first gym. But he knew less about starting and didn’t have much money. Bedros found himself doing multiple side jobs to support his fitness career, working as a fry cook at Disney land and as a bouncer on the weekends.

Curiously, Bedros noticed other personal trainers running side jobs too. He questioned as to why personal trainers struggle to make their meet ends. Embracing the challenge, he decided to learn more about money making.

His insight into business began when he started training with Jim Franco. Jim Franco was an entrepreneur and Bedron’s client. Bedron asked Jim to mentor him on business, and thus, he offered Jim a free extra session training in exchange for learning business tips.

Jim advised him about how he could expand his fitness business. He gives him tips and follows ups for a successful business. Bedros found himself picking up Jim's teachings, leading him to hope he could make good money.

It was around 2001 when Jim told Bedros he has the true potential of being an entrepreneur. He made Bedros understand how becoming an entrepreneur is going to be worth it for him and why he should. He even lent Bedros money for starting his business.

Net Worth Built Expanding Business and Helping Others

Bedros Keuilian opened two more franchises of his gym. His third gym is in San Diego. Soon he gained recognition in the fitness world. Many personal trainers began to reach out to him. They asked for his help regarding setting their gyms up.

As much as Bedros liked helping people with business, he was smart enough to retain his own business. He asked the trainers for the location of their gym. If their location was far from Bedros’s gyms, he helped them. He helped them set their gym as they wouldn’t be of his competition. He taught them whatever he learned from Jim Franco.

Bedros’s Keuilian coaching business was booming. He had already started a consulting firm for helping out the small local businesses to establish. But he still had a long way to go to reach his net worth of $200 million. In 2004 he sold his five gyms. He invested in building up and improving his coaching and consulting businesses.

fit body bootcamp

Pictured: Clients of different Fit Body Bootcamps.  The "boot camp" model was what revolutionized Bedros's gyms, allowing one personal trainer to handle up to 30-40 clients at once!

Running Fit Body Bootcamp

Bedros Keuilian knew how outmoded and archaic the franchising industry could be, yet he still wanted to revolutionize his gyms into a franchise. So he turned Fit Body Boot Camp into a franchise in 2012. Bedros observed several good franchises like Quiznos and Coldstone Creamery crashing down or seeing decreased sales. Because of this, Bedros was sure to do a lot of research before starting his franchise.

Bedros found that the marketing methods most companies adopted were old school and outed.  He also realized that corporate offices and marketing companies charge more than they should.

After deciding upon starting the franchise that he won't charge an arm and leg to buy in the market place, he charged a flat royalty fee so that the franchisers pay the exact amount that they owe.

Many people start hitting the gym, but within a month they lose interest and get demotivated. Usually, gyms face a turnover of 89% of newly joined customers. Bedros’s biggest concern was to overcome this turnover.

Overcoming Membership Turnover

He ensures his employees and teams complied with his vision. In his 20 years of career as a fitness trainer, he helped his clients see the difference within the first few weeks so that they don’t fall within the turnover category. But doing this needs a one on one trainer which could cost $600-$1200 per trainer. The idea was expensive and off-putting for many clients. This was another challenge Bedros has to overcome.

The solution Bedros came up with lead to boot camp training in his gyms. Since then, Fit Body Boot Camp trains 30-40 clients per workout session. A single trainer or two leads the group and train them together. The groups are made based on similar fitness goals clients are to achieve.

Moreover, Fit Body Bootcamp has half an hour workout session. Bedros mentions that he understands that not everyone can give an hour to workout out of their busy schedules. Fit Body Boot Camp programs also have a 30-day money back guarantee. Bedros says that even if you find that the training program isn’t the right one for you, you can leave on day 30 without paying.

Fit Body Boot Camp doesn’t trap its client into membership and payments that are overpriced compared to the training. The fitness programs are fun and convenient. Bedros promises his clients the desired results with 30-minute sessions of three days per week only.  The programs have transparency and money back guarantee that attracts more and more clients. The company is seven years old and has already made its way on the Inc 5000 list.

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Empire Mastermind Group

Fit Body Boot Camp isn't the only thing contributing to Bedros Keuilian's net worth. He also built his net worth starting with a consulting firm. Bedros always helped other business and entrepreneurs in making money. He used Jim Franco’s lessons in whatever he did and became a capitalist.

Bedros Keuilian collaborated with Craig Ballantyne and built Empire Mastermind Group. Craig Ballantyne is the best selling author and a well-known business coach. He is the author of The Perfect Day Formula and the co-owner of Early to Rise.

Empire Mastermind Group caters to those entrepreneurs and businesses that have over $1,000,000 revenues annually. It provides advanced-level coaching programs to high-achieving businesses and entrepreneurs.

Bedros Keuilian, alongside Craig Ballantyne, promises the clients to help them achieve their fullest potential. He guarantees to work on his clients and fight of the limiting factors that intervene with the business sales and services. Empire Mastermind Group are known to create top companies, helping them battling through bottlenecks and fierce competition. It multiplies the company’s income and profits.

Bedros Keuilian Family

Bedros Keuilian met the love of his life in the gym. She is also a personal trainer like Bedros. Bedros is happily married and now lives with his wife and two kids named Andrew and Chloe. His wife, Diana Keuilian, manages daily sales report and Fitpro accounts. She is also a blogger for Fit Body Boot Camp and has healthy recipes to share every week.

Bedros Keuilian’s  Routine

Bedros Keuilian believes working accordingly to the routine. He has set his routine consistent and is following it for three years with a few minor changes that came with time. Bedros takes his routine very seriously, especially in the morning. He believes it is the only way to discipline one’s body and mind.  He’s in bed by 10 pm and switches off his phone before going to bed.

He wakes up at 5. am in the morning every day (weekends too). After the usual shower, morning coffee and walk, he sits down to work for three hours. He gets his most important business work out of the way, replying important emails and tackling business problems in that three-hour slot.

He then heads to the gym and performs his daily workout for an hour. Bedros gets all of this done before the day reaches noon.

One interesting fact about Bedros is that he hates the snooze button. He never hits the snooze button. He has turned off the snooze option on his phone. He’s told his fitness franchise owners and coaching clients not to hit the snooze button. He says when you hit the snooze, you’re telling your mind subconsciously that your dreams and goals aren’t that important and can wait.

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Bedros Keuilian Life Lessons and Core Values

Being an inspiration to the entrepreneurs and other people, Bedros Keuilians shares some lessons life taught him. His lessons lead him to work and succeed upon the core values he has.

Get Resourceful When You Don’t Have Resources

Bedros learned this lesson from his father. When his family migrated to the US, he saw how his father builds his tiny tailor shop with almost no money and a family to take care of. He used that shop to build three houses, one of which he rented out.

Bedros saw how his father became resourceful, and decided never to complain about the lack of resources and become resourceful himself.

Adopting this idea when he began his training career,  Bedros started with limited capital and the intention to expand his business. He smartly offered Jim Franco for business tips and advice in return of free extra training sessions.

Work On Your Inner Game

Before starting a career, Bedros Keuilian thought he was stupid and uneducated, unable to make good money. He admits that poverty and living as a foreigner can take a serious toll on your brain. Bedros states that you are responsible for changing your mindset. He empowers and urges people to get rid of all the negativity in their mind and establish a positive relationship with money.

He says to remind yourself one thing repeatedly: you deserve to make money. Moreover, you deserve to benefit from all the opportunities and freedom you have. Working on your mindset isn't instant. It will take time, but it isn’t a difficult thing to do.

Your Network Is Your Net Worth

The man with a net worth of $200 million states that your network is your net worth. The people you surround yourself will help you improve or spoil. Hang around with people who are smarter than you. Be with people who are more positive and ambitious than you. Get comfortable around those who earn better than you. These people will help you level up your game.

Bedros Keuilian says that he has learned from Craig Ballantyne the importance of a consistent routine. After he met Craig, he started maintaining his work schedule so as not to disappoint him.

Bedros's Recent Keynote Speech

Bedros gave an invigorating keynote titled "Developing An Empire Builder's Mindset" at out event The Capitalism Conference.  He talks about going from being a crop duster to a F15 fighter jet, and the mindset that produces that.  He covers his life leading up to starting the franchise, and the things he had to let go of in order to operate at such a high level.  This was an attendee favorite!

Bedros Keuilian Net Worth Summary

From the immigrant boy who ate out of the dumpster to the successful entrepreneur of the net worth $200 million, Bedros Keulian can be an inspiration to all willing to be inspired.

Bedros Keuilian is the CEO of two companies. One is the increasing fitness franchise Fit Body Boot Camp, and the other is among the worlds' top business consultancy, Empire Mastermind Group.

The tough childhood taught him lessons which help make Bedros Keuilian reported net worth of $200 million.  He has built the world's top fitness franchise with genius strategies and marketing. Fit Body Boot Camp has shaped many of its clients and itself into a growing fitness industry.

Bedros Keuilian has helped over 43,000 small businesses to establish and take on the market’s lead. His Empire Mastermind Group has helped many entrepreneurs and business build a 7-figure generating empire.