What if you could get in front of 80K people, make a huge impact on their lives, and have their express permission to market to them because they love what you’re about? You’re probably going to want to copy the strategy Bridgit Danner of The One Percent is using.

She got into acupuncture to help people. But while such a high-touch service can transform clients’ lives, there’s a capacity challenge. You can only help so many people - and because it’s still a time-for-money operation, there’s a built-in ceiling on how big your business can grow.

Scaling a Service Business is Hard

Many service business owners try to crack that nut by hiring a team to multiply their reach. But even though you can push that ceiling higher with a team, it’s still there. Exponential growth just isn’t feasible for most. 

Adding a physical products line changes everything. You can always manufacture more products and serve more customers. And if you add an educational component to your service business as well, you may just have a way to check all the boxes: scalable and impactful, with built-in content marketing to boot.

That’s what Bridgit is doing now. After years in practice, she’s made a shift with Functional Detox Products.

Bridgit is Scrappy

When she started in acupuncture, the drive was to help people learn to live naturally. Typically, that means a wake-up call many practitioners don’t survive… there aren’t many jobs in the field that you don’t create yourself. But Bridgit did it. She went from working in a yoga studio to owning a large clinic with multiple practitioners. After 10 years, she sold the clinic and moved online.

Rather than serving one-on-one, now she could serve hundreds, thousands, even millions of people. But as we all know, first, you’ve got to reach them.

Bridgit’s got a trick up her sleeve that you’ll like. It’s similar to the Facebook Challenge strategy. She’s learned to use virtual summits to build audiences. 

YouTube video

The 30,000 Foot View

Gather a panel of audience leaders who serve the same person from different angles. Run it in a Facebook Group (but get their email addresses!), have five days of speakers with a Q&A to end each day. Together, your speakers will serve this audience - and together, they’ll grow, because each speaker also promotes the event to their list.

Attendees get many of the benefits of attending a large in-person event with multiple speakers. Speakers promote the event to their audience and benefit from the opportunity to expand their reach. Sell tickets to turn this customer acquisition tactic into a self-liquidating offer so you basically get paid to grow your audience.

Pro Tip: Hire a team that specializes in marketing and managing online events (unless you like pulling your hair out as you answer the 77th “I can’t log into the event” inquiry). 

And here’s the thing - as you give value to your audience, they’ll stick. And as they stick, you can offer more and more value through physical products you develop just for them. 

It Works

That’s exactly how Bridgit launched her functional detox product line to the list she’d built over time. She developed a line of supplements for people battling mold exposure. Plus, she’s the author of The Ultimate Toxic Mold Recovery Guide: Take Back Your Health, Home, and Life

Bridgit has now organized seven summits. The first was small - about a thousand people. She was figuring it out as she went. But eventually had summits with 30K attendees and then some nearly triple that number. Smart, right? Thought you’d like that.

Bridgit has a million-dollar product line planned out and is working toward hitting 25 sales a day. It’s been a learning experience, going from service-based to e-commerce. And she’ll be the first to tell you that sticking with one thing has been a challenge (not that any of us would know anything about that!). But she’s doing it. Where she used to move on to the next thing as her interests shifted, now she’s dedicated to staying the course. She says her mastermind in TOP helps a lot. 

One day, she’ll sell this company and start something else. Maybe she’ll write another book - or maybe she’ll start a skincare line. A healthy exit sure opens lots of new options. Her love for learning means there will always be some new way she can serve her audience - and that’s what it’s all about.

We'll keep you update on Bridgit's progress on the road to $1 million.

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